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Misuse of Library Card to Access the Internet

If it is determined that a user is accessing the Internet with a library card other than his/her own, staff will make a note of the card number(s) involved and give them to the Circulation Dept. A note will be placed on the user’s record as well as on the record of the individual whose card was being used inappropriately. The next time either person tries to access the Internet his/her account will be blocked. He/she will need to go to the Circulation Dept. and show identification to remove the block.

If an individual’s card was used inappropriately, Circulation staff will let him/her know that another library user has had access to the Internet via his/her library card and that this is a violation of library policy. He/she will be encouraged to always click on Exit to end Internet sessions, so as to prevent this from occurring.

If a user has accessed the Internet using another individual’s card, Circulation staff will inform him/her that this is a violation of library policy and that it has been noted on his/her library record and that a second occurrence will result in a 30-day suspension of Internet privileges.

For a third and subsequent occurrences, Internet privileges will be suspended for a period of 6 months.