Records Management Standards for Plats

17VAC15-60-10, et. seq.

Sec. 1. Statement of Applicability:

These standards shall apply to all plats and maps submitted for recordation in the circuit courts of the Commonwealth.  

Sec. 2. Recording Medium:

Documents size shall be between 8 1/2 x 11 and 18 x 24 inches, and the scale shall be appropriate to the size of the paper. Original plats shall be inscribed on either translucent or opaque paper, polyester or linen. The background quality for opaque paper shall be uniformly white, smooth in finish, unglazed, and free of visible watermarks or background logos. Only the original or first generation unreduced black or blue line copy of the original plat drawing, which meets the quality inscription standards noted below and has the stamp and original signature of the preparer, shall be submitted for recordation. NOTE: [A plat prepared prior to 1986 which is being entered as reference can be recorded if the current landowner's notarized signature appears on the plat. Changes or alterations made to any original plat must be accompanied by the stamp and signature of the preparer who did the changes/alterations. Any plats exempted from these regulations under the Code of Virginia can be recorded with the notarized signature of the original preparer.]  

Sec. 3. Quality Inscription Standards:

Color of original inscription shall be black or blue and be solid, uniform, dense, sharp, and unglazed. Signatures shall be in dark blue or black ink. Lettering shall be no less than 1/1O inch or 2.54 mm. in height. Lettering and line weight shall be no less than .O13 inches or .33O2 mm. Letter and line spacing for control pencil drawings shall be no less than .O5O inches and for ink drawings no less than .O4O inches. Drawing substance must be either wet ink or control pencil but not a combination thereof. Good drafting practices shall be followed when eliminating ghost lines and when doing erasures, and all shading and screening shall be eliminated over written data. Inscriptions shall meet standards established herein, and Engineering Drawing and Related Documentation Practices - Line Conventions and Lettering (ANSI Y14.2M-1987), Technical Drawing - Lettering - Part I: Currently Used Characters (ISO 3098/1-1974) and Technical Drawings - Sizes and Layout of Drawing Sheets ISO 5457-1980 shall be consulted as guidelines.

Sec. 4. Format for Copies:

Margins shall be at least l/4 inch on all sides, and inscriptions are to be made on only one side of the paper. All drawings shall have centering marks on each side, adjacent and outside the margins. Match lines or grid tics delineating 8 1/2 x 11 inch sections shall be inscribed on all plats larger than 8 l/2 x 11 inches, to create the least number of grid blocks possible and be located adjacent and inside the margins. Continuation sheets of multi-sheet drawings shall be the same size as the first sheet.  

Sec. 5. Recording Standards:

Recordation inscriptions shall be by clerk's printed certificate, stamping, typing or handwriting and shall conform to the quality inscription standards noted above.  

Sec. 6. Exclusion:

A first generation copy of an original plat drawing dated prior to July 1, 1986 shall be admitted to record subject to the requirements in the Note in section 2 above.  

Sec. 7. Note:

Where a plat is submitted as part of an instrument, these plat standards shall apply to such plat.

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