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Brown v. Board of Education: Virginia Responds
An Exhibition at the Library of Virginia
Originally Displayed December 2003—June 2004.
Brown v. Board of Education Documents: Virginians Respond — Other States

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[letterhead of International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union, Federate Auxiliaries]

1840 Madrona Street
North Bend, Oregon
June 23, 1961


We the undersigned understand that at one time in the history of the United States of America it was against the law to educate negroes, then classed as slaves. The negro has since been emancipated on paper if not in fact.

Depriving any person of an education with facilities are available is a disgrace to a so called democratic people.

The fact that Prince Edward County, Virginia has fully equipped schools except for students is a crime against man and God.

We the undersigned, deplore this continuing and are watching you to see that you dissolve the present situation.

In many areas schools are overcrowded which only adds that much more discredit to your state and community for permitting yours to go unused.

The whole world is watching our democracy at work.

Where do you stand?

Sincerely, Norma Wyatt, North Bend, Oregon

RG 3, Executive Office, Governor James Lindsay Almond Papers