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Letter, Isaac Hall Larew to Xanda Larew. N.d. Manuscript.
Isaac Hall Larew, Family Papers. Acc. 34657. The Library of Virginia.
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Isaac Hall Larew to Xanda Larew. N.d. Manuscript. Isaac Hall Larew, Family Papers. Acc. 34657

My Dear Bad Xanda

I never expected you to take the hystrics over your report—This one is not as good as the first but it is good. I don’t remember Aldahs first reports but I think your first two average with her first two—She never got into the [unreadable] till after Xmas the first year.
As for you comparing with Aldah that is ridiculous—she knows how to get the marks—she has learned the professors fads—and knows how to please them.
Besidend there is but a shade between A & B & I tell you knew that with the same deserving the chances are that she would get A & you B.—She has won her spurs. You are on trial—
And then B is high—it is good—it is just as Jennie said to me last night. There are plenty of girls who would give their heads to send home as good a report as yours.
Maybe your load is too heavy my girl—if it is stop something—that is what I told Aldah I say the same to you.
What makes Miss Ballou give Aldah “C” in physical culture & not mark you at all—well I want end reports this years marks are

Xanda Aldah
Eng – B Eng A
Lat – B Lat A+
French A German A
Algebra A Calculus A+
Geom – B Biology A
Chem – C Pedagogy A
Phys Cul C

I think your report is splendid and compares very favorably with Aldahs—She was feeling descouraged just like you two years ago—
I have but one general of uneasiness that is your health—but I will see you soon. All well
With love to you & Aldah
Yr Father
I H Larew

You can bring as many as you please with you but you must let us know—Don’t bring too much baggage if you can help it—
We will meet you at Dublin that saves half and hour