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Directive to Ann Walker. 25 April 1708. Manuscript. RG 1, Colonial Papers. Library of Virginia.
That Properly Belongs to Every Christian Man, 1708

Wm:Burgh Aprll. the 25th. 1708.
Ann Walker This Day was Exhibited to us in Counsell a petition according to which sd. petition we take to Be from yo and accordingly we have had yr husband this Day Before us in Councell to answer the Said petition upon hearing of which he only Desires to have that athority over his Children that properly Belongs to Every Christian man: that & to Bring up his Children in whatever Christian Religion he may Be of that is permitted By our Christian Laws: and it Sems to be hard that any person wtever Shall Indeavor or undertake to prevent or perswade any Mans Children against the Instructions and admonitions of the father: yr husband Sems to Be Very Willing to Give yo all maner of Liberty to [word torn] yr Religion provided yo Leave the Instruction of all his Ch[ildren to] him and that yo will not Cause them to Read any Books Ex[cept] the Scripture but Such as he alows of and that yo for bare to Incense and perswad any of is Children against his Religion as Long as he proffeses to Be a Christian and Continues in the Exerise of it and also for Care to Interpret or Expound any part or portion of Scripture to any of his Children without his Leave or advice if he be wiling to Expounds Such portions as may hapen to Come in Dispute or that any of his Children may Desire to Be Informed in: We therefore as yr freinds Not Being willing to Give further troble: if yr husband will Give yo Liberty to Injoy yr Religion without Interuption: he ought to have all the Liberty above Desired: But if yo Can prove that he is not a Christian and So Consequently Not within the Virge of our Christian Laws then we are wiling to heare yo on Wensday Morning Next but wee Should be Glad yo Could be Reconcilled without Such proceedings