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Petition of Lucinda.  27 November 1815. Manuscript. RG 78, Legislative Petitions, Loudoun County.
Family or Freedom

Petition of Lucinda to the General Assembly
27 November 1815.
RG 78, Legislative Petitions.

To the Legislature of the Commonwealth of Virginia,

The petition of Lucinda, lately a slave belonging to Mary Matthew of King George county respectfully sheweth.

That the said Mary Matthews by her last will and testament, among other things, emancipated all her slaves, and directed that they should be removed by her executor to someplace where they could enjoy their freedom by the laws there in force.

That all the slaves so emancipated (except your petitioner) were removed this year to the State of Tennessee, but your petitioner declined going with them, as she had a husband belonging to Capt: William H. Hooe in King George county, from whom the benefits and privileges to be derived from freedom, dear and flattering as they are, could not induce her to be separated: that, in consequence of this determination on her part, a year has elapsed since the death of her late mistress Mary Matthews, and your petitioner is informed that the forfeiture of her freedom has taken place under the law prohibiting emancipated slaves from remaining in this State; and that the Overseers of the Poor might now proceed to sell her for the benefit of the Poor of the county: Your petitioner, still anxious to remain with her husband, for whom she has relinquished all the advantages of freedom, is apprehensive that, in case of sale of her by the Overseers of the Poor, she may be purchased by some person, who will remove her to a place remote from the residence of her husband: to guard against such a heart-rending circumstance, she would prefer, and hereby declares her consent, to become a slave to the owner of her husband, if your honorable body will permit it, and for that purpose she prays that you will pass a law vesting the title to her in the said William H. Hooe and directing that all proceedings on the part of the Overseers of the Poor for King George county to effect the sale of her may be perpetually staid;

And your petitioner will pray &c
Novr 27th 1815