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Petition of the Queen In behalf of her self and her Nation. 1 November 1718. Manuscript. RG 1, Colonial Papers Collection, folder 29, no. 12.
Virginia Indian Women

Petition of the Queen In behalf of her self and her Nation
1 November 1718
Colonial Papers
Folder 29, no. 12

To the Hon:ble Alexander Spotswood his Majties Lieut. Governor of Virginia

Ann the Queen of In behalfe of her
Pamunky selfe & her Nation
Of Pamunkey Indians

Hereby Sheweth

That whereas per the Consent of the Government wee sold unto Robert Napier fifty acres of Land who transffered the same unto Mr Jno: Pettiferes he unto Mr Hugh Own who per the [??] of that did obtain a Pattent for three hundred & ten acres (as they say) & wee likewise did sell and assent that a Pattent might Issue unto Phillip Southerland & George Southerland for three hundred acres, both which are in the bounds of our Indian Town, Now so it may it please yr Hons: that when they obtained a patent, (or survey the same in order for a patent) wee had no notice of the survey or laying of it out, and fine when other people possession their bounds (as wee are informed is customary and in four years) ye Petitioners never had no notice of the same, or ever was warned to any possessioning.
And they as well as several others taking the advantage of our Ignorance, doe every year clear, build, and Ocupy our Land wch is beyond their bounds that we sold them [word rubbed] that they handed patents for as wee conceive. Therefore wee Humbly pray that yo: Hons” would not grant any patents for any more land that’s adjoining to our Town, (as wee are Informed Petition for [?] are now lieing beyond and that you would protect in our Rights, having no oudels to apply ourselves unto for Justice, and wee being a small & poor Nation are willing if it suits with yr Honrs: Leave & permission to Lett them to Land for yearly [?], and not otherwise, Wee wholly leave ourselves to yr Honrs: Justice, Councill & favour Which wee always found to be Hon:ble & Just, and wee are in Duty bound shall for ever pray ffor hr Honr: Health & Continuence.