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Mary B. Powell operated an ordinary, or tavern, in Greensville County. In August 1831, her establishment was inundated with refugees fleeing the rebellion of Nat Turner and other slaves in nearby Southampton County. Powell petitioned the General Assembly for reimbursement of her expenses; the legislature rejected her petition.

Petition of Mary B. Powell, for compensation for provisions furnished many poor persons assisted at her house for protection during the insurrection in Southampton. 11 February 1832. Manuscript. Virginia General Assembly, Legislative petitions. Acc. 36189. The Library of Virginia

Woman’s Work Today. December 1917. Richmond. Newspaper.

Shirt Waist. Linen. ca. 1905. V.89.128.1. Lent by the Valentine Richmond History Center
Skirt. Wool. ca. 1902. Gift of Miss Edna Moffatt. 54.101.1b. Lent by the Valentine Richmond History Center

Maternity business outfit: black and white wool plaid maternity jumper, red wool jacket, white silk blouse, 1988. Gift of Penelope W. Kyle. V.93.110.1. Lent by the Valentine Richmond History Center