The Library of Virginia

The Editorial Cartoons of : Geo. H. Ben Johnson

Political Cartoon

July 12, 1919

The Builder and Moulder of Southern Culture and Aristocracy.
Taught I all of her -Presidents- Great Men and Women from babes and sucklings.
I am Ethiopia, The South's Black Mother.

At her feet:

Ethiopians must be Judged, Tormented, Lynched, Disenfranchised, and Humiliated.
They must not be respected.
The South.

Political Cartoon

October 27, 1917

Get Thee up, Thou Sphinx Builder.
Thy Rest is over. Regain Thy Place.

Political  Cartoon

November 1, 1919

No Power could Lynch, Outrage, and Humiliate 14,000,000 EDUCATED Blacks.
Get much learning.
Make, "Not a Black Illiterate," your slogan.

Political Cartoon

September 13, 1919

Political Cartoon

December 6, 1919

American Negro Laborer

Note the early use of the slogan, "Black Power."

Political Cartoon

November 8, 1919

Political Cartoon

June 14, 1919

3000 B.C.
UNTIL 1619-
UNTIL 1865-

Political Cartoon

August 30, 1919

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