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Picture of John Mitchell, Jr. John Mitchell, Jr. (1863-1929), editor and publisher of the Richmond Planet, was one of the most famous and influential African Americans in Virginia. He fearlessly investigated and condemned lynchings and other violations of the civil liberties of blacks in Virginia and in the South. In 1898 he exposed the racial injustices inflicted on the regiment of African American volunteers who mustered into service from Virginia for service in the Spanish-American War. Mitchell won a national reputation as a courageous champion of justice and as one of the most successful black editors in the United States. He also served for eight years on the Richmond City Council. He opposed adoption of the Virginia Constitution of 1902 because it effectively disfranchised African Americans. Nearly twenty years later he ran for governor, not expecting to win, but to call attention to the plight of Virginia's African Americans.

John Mitchell. Photograph. 
The Library of Virginia.

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