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Likeness of Lila Meade Valentine

Lila Meade Valentine (1865-1921) was one of the leaders among the Virginia women who organized and fought for the right to vote. She led campaigns for improvements in public education and public health in Virginia. One of the founders of the Equal Suffrage League of Virginia in 1909, she took an active part in the National Woman Suffrage Association as well. Valentine lived to see women vote, but she died one year after ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920 before women campaigned and won election to public office in Virginia. She was the acknowledged leader of a new generation of Virginia women who sought and accepted leadership roles in public life. In 1936 the General Assembly placed a memorial plaque in the State Capitol honoring her services to humanity and acknowledging her achievements in the struggle for woman suffrage.



Lila Meade Valentine. 
Harriett Frismuth. Marble.

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