Color painting of the R.M.S. Titanic at sea.
Titanic [sic] Death List Appalling
Man Vs. Nature...Nature Wins

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Clinch Valley News, Tazewell, VA, April 26, 1912

Titanic [sic] Death List Appalling

Of Seventy Odd Bodies Recovered From Wreck Few Can Be Identified

Up to yesterday 77 bodies of the Titanic disaster had been recovered. They were picked up by the rescue ship, Mackay Bennett, in the vicinity where the ship sunk. Many of the bodies were totally unrecognizable, and were buried at sea with suitable ceremonies. The rest were embalmed and brought to New York. The search for floating bodies will be continued.

A pair of binoculars, costing at most, $50, would have saved the Titanic. “They told me there would not be any glasses,” testified Lookout Fleet, of the Titanic, who sighted the iceberg, when asked about it before the Senate Committee, who are investigating the cause of the accident. Fleet testified, that if he had had glasses he would have sighted the iceberg in time for the ship to have swung clear of the ice.

It has been learned that the steamship Mount Temple was within five miles of the Titanic when the latter sunk. The passengers on board the Mount Temple testified that they could see the Titanic when she went down.
Three United States Senators have been appointed to investigate the cause, etc., of the accident, and up to this time nothing definite has been decided upon.