Color painting of the R.M.S. Titanic at sea.
RMS Titanic: The Band
The Crew

Name Home City Rating Saved Lifeboat Body Disposition
Brailey, Theodore (not in RCC)   Pianist      
Bricoux, Roger (not in RCC)   Cellist      
Clarke, J. Fred C. (not in RCC)   Bass violist     #202, Mount Olivet Cemetery, Halifax NS
Hartley, Wallace Henry (not in RCC) Colne, Lancashire Bandmaster     yes, buried Colne Lancashire
Hume, John (Jock) Law (not in RCC)   First violinist     #193, buried Fairview Cemetery, Halifax NS
Krins, George (not in RCC)   Violist      
Taylor, Percy, C. (not in RCC)   Cellist      
Woodward, J. W. (not in RCC)   Cellist      

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