Color painting of the R.M.S. Titanic at sea.
Astor and Straus Found
Aftermath and Inquiry

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Staunton Daily Leader, Staunton, VA., April 26, 1912

Bodies of Astor and Straus are Found at Sea

Steamer Mackay-Bennett coming to Port with Remains of Noted Men Picked Up at the Scene of the Titanic Disaster. Ninety-One of Two Hundred and Five Bodies Recovered Have Been Identified

New York, April 26.—The bodies of Colonel Astor, Isidor Strauss, and Mr. Hays have been recovered from the lost Titanic, according to wireless reports from the steamer, Mackay-Bennett. They were found floating in life belts neat where the White Star liner went down.

It is hoped that the body of Maj. Archie Butt may yet be recognized among the bodies recovered.

Ninety-one of the two hundred and five bodies recovered have been identified.