Color painting of the R.M.S. Titanic at sea.
Bodies Can't Be Raised
Aftermath and Inquiry

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Virginia-Pilot and the Norfolk Landmark, Norfolk, VA., April 24, 1912

Bodies Can't Be Raised

A plan to raise the body of Col. Astor by blasting the wreck of the Titanic has been pronounced by a United States naval report as impossible, as the water pressure, 5,196 pounds to the square inch, is too great. “And even if the bodies were raised,” declares the expert, “the bodies would not be recognizable for the water pressure would have made them but a pulp.” Another statement of the expert was that it would hardly be possible to locate the Titanic, owing to the fact that in order to reach the vessel it would be necessary to weight the dynamite, and by the time it had been sunk two miles, passing though the various currents of the ever shifting water, it might not be anywhere near the wreck.