Color painting of the R.M.S. Titanic at sea.
Maj. Butt with Gun in Hand...; Los Angeles Times, April 19, 1912
Inaccurate or Misleading Reporting

newspaper article

The Los Angeles Times, Friday Morning, April 19, 1912

Headline: Maj. Butt, With Gun in Hand, Held Back Frenzied Men, Saved Women; Capt. Smith a Suicide on Bridge

Left Column: Carpathia Brings Maimed and Maddened Titanic Survivors to Grief-Sticken City

Victims of World’s Greatest Catastrophe Are Nearly Dead from Exposure and Shock But Still Able to Praise Heroes Who Died That They Might Live Fifteen Hundred Ninety-five Lives Lost in Wreck

English Youth Plunges From Sinking Ship and a Wave Hurls Him Safely on Life Raft.

New York (Friday) April 19- One of the most thrilling of all the wonderful escapes that were accomplished as the shivering Titanic swelled and burst as she went down was told earlier this morning in St. Vincent’s hospital by Edward Dorking, and English boy, who is on his way to take up farming in Illinois. He was a steerage passenger. Dorking was in his quarters when the shock came. The boilers burst as he ran upstairs.

“I did not want to die, at least I did not want to go down in that roaring ship as she was sinking then beneath me,” he said, “I went to the stern with three companions. We prayed a moment, then mounted the rail and plunged over. The water was frightfully cold. We dived just before the decks of the Titanic began to disappear beneath the water’s surface. We struck out and began to swim. We almost circled the ship when far in the distance we saw something bobbing about on the waves. We made for it. It proved to be a raft. I think we swam at least four miles. The water was freezing us and my head was just about to go below the water when a wave picked me up, carried me on its crest and dumped me almost alongside the raft. I swam for life and managed to make the raft. I was just able to crawl upon it. I think there must have been eighty persons lying flat, heaped on top of each other on the raft. All of them were moaning.

“I will never forget the awful sight that was presented as those left on the Titanic appeared again on the surface of the water after the big ship sank. Their screams struck terror into us as they sank.

“Two lifeboats still were close to the Titanic and about to be pushed away when the suction from the great ship, as she sank deeper and deeper into the water, drew them under. All of those passengers died.”

Right Column:

Story of Awful Night Told by the Survivors

Fear, panic, confusion, faced by cool, deliberate heroism of Highest type.
Two hundred of crew killed by First impact of Giant Liner with Iceberg – Wives torn from Husbands Who Wait Stoically Four Dreadful Hours after all Lifeboats Are Gone for Merciful Death Plunge.