Color painting of the R.M.S. Titanic at sea.
Great Marine Disasters
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historical marine disasters

Los Angeles Times, April 16, 1912

Great Marine Disasters of History and Lives Lost

Year. Name of Craft Cause. Lives lost.
1859-Lady Elgin (Lake Michigan) Sunk 297
1890-Shanghai Burned 300
1891-Utorsia Collision 563
1892-Nanchow Foundered [500]
1893-Warship Victoria Collision 358
1894-Horn Head Sunk by Iceberg 62
1895-Chicora Vanished in Lake Michigan 38
1895-Warship Reigns Stagina Collision 400
1895-Coltma Wrecked 171
1895-Copernicus Sunk 153
1897-Kapunda Foundered 300
1898-La Bourgogne [unintelligible] 340
1904-General Siceum Burned 253
1904-Norge Wrecked on a reef 730
1905-Hilda Sunk 123
1906-Valencia Foundered 119
1906-Sirto Foundered 326
1906-Brazilian Cruiser Aquidaban Sunk 213
1907-Larchmoot Lost 135
1907-Hong Kong Struck rock 130
1907-Berlin Wrecked 125
1907-Lakota Struck a reef unknown
1907-Columbia Collision 100
1908-Matau Maru Collision 250
1908-Star of Bengal Wrecked 310
1909-Seyne Sunk [unintelligible]
1910-(unintelligible) Marquette Sunk [unintelligible]
1910-General Chaney Wrecked 136
1910-Prince Wilbelm Sunk [unintelligible]
1910-Tecsuro Maru Wrecked [unintelligible]
1911-Santa Rosa Sunk 20
1911-John Irwin Sunk 11
1912-Titanic Wrecked by Iceberg (est.) 1500