Color painting of the R.M.S. Titanic at sea.
Awful Fate
Headline Coverage

Times-Dispatch  headline

Times-Dispatch, Richmond, VA., April 28, 1912, Special Titanic Section

Headline: Queen of the Sea's Awful Fate on Her First Trip Out

A Graphic, Continuous Tale of the First, and Only Voyage of the Biggest Ship in the World that Ended So Disastrously Off the Great Newfoundland Banks.

Left Column: Photo of the Captain and Officers of the Titanic--"From left to right, Dr. W.F.N. O'Laughlin, H.T. Wilde, Chief Officer; Chief Engineer Fleming; Purser McElray--Seated, Capt. E.J. Smith.

Middle: Image of the Titanic

Right Column: Image of Sheet music "Autumn" with caption - The Hymn That the Ship's Band Played as the Vessel Went Down.