Color painting of the R.M.S. Titanic at sea.
RMS Titanic: Victualing Department
The Crew

Name Home City Rating Saved Lifeboat Body Disposition
Abbott, E  Southampton Pantryman      
Ahier, P  Southampton Saloon steward      
Akerman, J  Southampton Assistant pantryman      
Akermann, A  Southampton Steward      
Allan, F  Southampton Lift attendant      
Allan, R  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Allaria, Baptiste Southampton Assistant waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Allen, E  Southampton Scullion      
Allsop, F  Woolston, Hampshire Saloon steward      
Anderson, W  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Andrews, Charles E  Southampton Assistant steward saved 16  
Ashcroft, A  Cheshire Clerk      
Ashe, H  Liverpool G. H. steward      
Aspelagi, G  London Assistant plateman, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Ayling, E  Southampton Assistant vegetable cook      
Back, C  Southampton Assistant attendant      
Baggott, A  Southampton Saloon steward saved    
Bagley, E  Southampton Saloon steward      
Bailey, G  Brooklands, Shepperton Saloon steward      
Ball, Percy Southampton Plate washer saved    
Banfi London Waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Barker, A  Kingsworthy, Winchester Assistant baker      
Barker, E  London Saloon steward      
Barker, Reginald L  Southampton Second Purser      
Barker, T  Southampton Assistant butcher      
Barlow, G  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Barnes, W  Southampton Assistant baker      
Barrett, A  Southampton Bell boy      
Barringer, A  Southampton Saloon steward      
Barrow, H  Southampton Assistant butcher      
Barrows, W  London Saloon steward      
Barton, S  Southampton Steward      
Basilico, G  London Waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Baxter, F  Southampton Linen keeper      
Baxter, H. R  Southampton Steward      
Bazzi, L  London Waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Beedman, G  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Beere, William Southampton Kitchen Porter      
Belford, Walter (RCC gives name as Bedford) Itchen, Hampshire Chief night baker saved (ANTR), not saved (RCC)    
Benhem, T  Wokingham Saloon steward      
Bennett, Mrs  Southampton Stewardess saved    
Bernardi, B  London Assistant waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Berthold, Florentini London Assistant scullery man, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Bessant, E  Southampton Baggage master      
Best, E  Southampton Saloon steward      
Beux, D  London Assistant waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Bietrix, G  London Sauce cook, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Bishop, W  Itchen, Hampshire Bedroom steward      
Bliss, Miss New Southgate Stewardess saved    
Blumet, J  Southampton Plateman, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Bochet, G  London Second waiter      
Bochetez, J  Southampton Assistant chef      
Bogie, L  Eastleigh Bedroom steward      
Bolhens, H  Southampton Larder cook, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Bond, W  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Boothby, W  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Boston, W  Southampton Assistant deck steward      
Boughton, E  Southampton Saloon steward      
Bowker, Miss Little Sutton, Cheshire Cashier, Ala Carte Restaurant saved    
Boyd, J  Southampton Saloon steward      
Boyes, H  Southampton Saloon steward      
Bradshaw, J  Southampton Plate washer      
Brewster, G. H  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Bride, Harold Sydney London Second Marconi operator saved Collapsible B  
Bristow, Robert C  Southampton Steward      
Bristowe, H  Shortland, Kent Saloon steward      
Brookman, J  Southampton Steward      
Broom, H  East Cowes Bath steward      
Broome, Athol Southampton Assistant veranda cafe      
Brown, Edward Southampton Saloon steward saved Collapsible A  
Brown, W  Southampton Saloon steward      
Buckley, H  Southampton Assistant vegetable cook      
Bull, W  Southampton Scullion      
Bully, H  Southampton Boots      
Bunmell, F  Liverpool Plate washer      
Burgess, Charles Southampton Extra third baker saved    
Burke, R  Chandlersford, Hampshire Lounge attendant      
Burke, William Southampton Saloon steward saved 10  
Burr, E  Woolston, Hampshire Saloon steward      
Burrage. A  Southampton Plates saved    
Butt, Robert Southampton Saloon steward      
Butterworth, J  Southampton Saloon steward      
Byrne, J  Illford, Essex Bedroom steward      
Campbell, D. S  Southampton Clerk      
Carney, William Liverpool Lift attendant     yes
Cartwright, J  London Saloon steward      
Casswill, C  Southampton Saloon steward      
Caton, Miss London Turkish Bath attendant saved    
Caunt, W. Southampton Grill cook      
Cave, Herbert Southampton Saloon steward     yes, buried Fairview Cemetery, Halifax NS
Cecil, C  Southampton Steward      
Chapman, J  Southampton Boots saved    
Charboison, A  London Roast cook, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Charman, John Lewisham Saloon steward      
Cheverton, W. F. (RCC lists as Cheverton, W.) Newport, Isle of Wight Saloon steward     yes, buried at sea
Chitty, G  Southampton Steward      
Chitty, G  Southampton Assistant baker      
Christmas, H  Southampton Assistant steward      
Clark, T  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Coleman, A  Southampton Saloon steward      
Colgan, J  Southampton Scullion saved    
Collins, John Belfast Scullion (Assistant cook in TT) saved Collapsible B  
Conway, P  Southampton Saloon steward      
Cook, George Weymouth Saloon steward      
Coombs, C  Southampton Assistant cook      
Corben, E. T  Southampton Assistant printer      
Cornaire, M  London Assistant roast, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Coutin, A  Southampton Entree cook, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Cox, Denton (RCC gives initial as W.) Southampton Steward      
Crafter, F  Southampton Saloon steward saved    
Crawford, Alfred Southampton Bedroom steward saved 8  
Crisp, H  Southampton Saloon steward      
Crispin, W  Eastleigh G. H. steward      
Crosbie, J. B  London Turkish Bath attendant      
Crovelle, Louis (RCC lists as Crovella) Southampton Assistant waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Crowe, George F. (RCC spelling - Crow) Southampton Saloon steward saved 14  
Crumplin, C  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Cullen, C  Liverpool Bedroom steward saved    
Cunningham, Andrew Southampton Bedroom steward saved 4 (picked up from ocean)  
Daniels, S  Southsea Steward saved    
Dashwood, W  Southampton Saloon steward      
Davies, Gordon Southampton Bedroom steward      
Davies, J  Southampton Extra second baker      
Davies, R. J  Southampton Saloon steward      
De Breucq, M  London Assistant waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Dean, G  Southampton Assistant steward      
Deeble, A  Southampton Saloon steward      
Denison, ? (not in RCC) ? Purser      
Dennarsico London Assistant waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Derrett, A  Southampton Saloon steward      
Deslands, P  Southampton Saloon steward      
Desvernini, L  Southampton Assistant pastry, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Dineage, J  Southampton Saloon steward      
Dodd, George Southampton Chief second steward      
Dolby, J  Southampton Reception room attendant      
Donati, Italio London Assistant waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Donoghue, F  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Dornier, S  Southampton Assistant fish, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Doughty, W  London Saloon steward      
Dunford, W  Southampton Hospital steward      
Dyer, W  Southampton Saloon steward      
Edbrooke, F  Landport Steward      
Ede, G. B  Southampton Steward      
Edge, F  Woolston, Hampshire Deck steward      
Edwards, C  Southampton Assistant pantryman      
Egg, W. H  London Steward      
Ellis, J  Southampton Assistant vegetable cook saved    
Ennis, W  Southport Turkish Bath attendant      
Etches, Henry Samuel Southampton Bedroom steward saved 5  
Evans, George Southampton Saloon steward      
Evans, George ? Steward      
Fairall, H  Ryde, Isle of Wight Saloon steward      
Fanette, M  London Assistant waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Farrendon, E  Emsworth Confectioner      
Faulkner, William (RCC gives initial as R.) Southampton Bedroom steward saved 11  
Fei, Carlo London Sculleryman, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Fellows, A  Southampton Assistant boots      
Feltham, G  Southampton Vienna      
Fenton, F  Sholing, Hampshire Saloon steward      
Finch, H  Southampton Steward      
Fletcher, P. W  London Bugler      
Foley, W. C  Southampton Steward saved    
Ford, E  Southampton Steward      
Ford, F  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Fox, W. T  Totton, Hampshire Steward      
Frankin, A  Southampton Saloon steward      
Freeman, Ernest E. S  Southampton Deck steward (actually, Bruce Ismay's secretary)     #239, Fairview Cemetery, Halifax NS
Fropper, R  Southampton Saloon steward saved    
Gatti, L  Southampton Manager, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Geddes, R  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Gibbons, J. W  Harbor View Saloon steward saved    
Gilardino, V  Southampton Waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Giles, J  Southampton Second baker      
Gill, P  Southampton Ship's cook      
Gill, S  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Gold, Mrs Kate Southampton Stewardess saved    
Gollop, C  Bournemouth Assistant cook      
Goshawk, A  Southampton Saloon steward      
Gregson, Miss Southampton Stewardess saved    
Gros, Claude G  Southampton Assistant coffee man, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Gullio, Casali Southampton Waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Gunn, J  Southampton Assistant steward      
Guy, J  Southampton Assistant boots saved 5  
Halford, R  Southampton Steward saved    
Hall, F  London Scullion      
Halloway, S  Southampton Assistant clothes presser      
Hamblyn, Ernest William Southampton Bedroom steward      
Hamilton, E  Southampton Assistant S. R. steward      
Harding, A  Swaything, Hampshire Assistant bedroom steward      
Hardwick, R  Southampton Kitchen porter saved    
Hardy, John Southampton Chief second class steward saved Collapsible D  
Harris, C. H  Southampton Bell Boy      
Harris, C. W  Southampton Saloon steward      
Harris, E  Winchester Assistant pantryman      
Harrison, A  Southampton Saloon steward saved    
Hart, John Edward Southampton Third class steward saved 15  
Hartnell, Frederick Southampton Saloon steward saved 8? (listed as Hart?)  
Hatch, H  Woolston, Hampshire Scullion      
Hawkesworth, John Southampton Saloon steward      
Hawksworth, W  Southampton Assistant deck steward      
Hayter, A  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Helnen, J  Lewisham Saloon steward      
Hendy, E  Southampton Saloon steward      
Henry, W. (Henry, P. in TTT?) Southampton Assistant boots      
Hensford, J  Southampton Assistant butcher      
Hewett, T  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Hill, H  London Steward      
Hill, J  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Hinckley, G  Southampton Baths      
Hines, G  Northants Third baker      
Hiscock, S  Southampton Plate washer      
Hoare, Leo Southampton Saloon steward      
Hogg, C  Liverpool Bedroom steward      
Hogue, E  London Plate washer      
Holland, T  Liverpool Assistant reception room attendant      
Hopkins, F  Southampton Plate washer      
House, W  Southampton Saloon steward      
Howell, A  Southampton Saloon steward      
Hughes, H  Southampton Assistant second steward      
Humby, F  Southampton Plates      
Humphreys, H  Dolgelly Assistant steward      
Hutchinson, J  Liverpool Vegetable cook      
Hylands, Leo J  Southampton Steward saved    
Ide, H  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Ingrouville, H  Southampton Steward      
Ings, W  Southampton Scullion      
Jackson, H  Southampton Assistant boots      
Jaillet, H  London Pastry cook, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Janaway, W  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Janin, C  London Soup cook, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Jeffery, W  Southampton Controller, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Jenner, H  Southampton Saloon steward      
Jenson, C. V  Southampton Saloon steward      
Jessop, Miss Violet London Stewardess saved 16  
Johnson, H. (RCC name is Johnston) Southampton Assistant ship's cook      
Johnson, James Southampton Saloon steward saved 2  
Jones, A  Southampton Saloon steward      
Jones, A  Woolston, Hampshire Plates      
Jones, H  Alresford Roast cook      
Jones, Reginald V  Southampton Saloon steward      
Jouanmault, G  Southampton Assistant sauce, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Joughin, Charles Southampton Chief baker saved Collapsible B  
Keene, P  Southampton Saloon steward saved    
Kelland, T  Southampton Library      
Kennell, C  Southampton Heb (?) cook      
Kerley, W. T  Bowerthalk, Salisbury Assistant steward      
Ketchley, H  Southampton Saloon steward      
Kieran, M  Southampton Assistant storekeeper      
Kiernan, James W. (RCC lists as Kieran) Southampton Chief third class steward      
King, A  Gateshead-On-Tyne Lift attendant      
King, Ernest Waldron Clones Purser clerk     #321, Fairview Cemetery, Halifax NS
King, G  Southampton Scullion      
Kingscote, W. F  Southampton Saloon steward      
Kitching, A  Southampton Saloon steward      
Klein, H  Southampton Barber      
Knight, George Woolston, Hampshire Saloon steward saved    
Knight, L Bishopstoke Steward      
Lacey, Bert W  Salisbury Assistant steward      
Lake, W  Southampton Saloon steward      
Lane, A. E  Woolston, Hampshire Saloon steward      
Latimer, Andrew J  Liverpool Chief steward      
Lavington, Miss Winchester Stewardess saved    
Lawrence, A  Southampton Saloon steward      
Leader, A  West Southbourne Assistant confectioner      
Leather, Mrs Elizabeth Port Sunlight Stewardess saved 16  
Lefever, G  Southampton Saloon steward      
Leonard, M  Southampton Steward      
Levett, G  New Southgate Assistant pantryman      
Lewis, Arthur Southampton Steward saved (RCC), not saved (TTT)   yes, buried Fairview Cemetery, Halifax NS
Light, C  Christschurch, Hampshire Plate washer      
Littlejohn, A  Southampton Saloon steward saved    
Lloyd, H  Southampton Saloon steward      
Lock, A  Southampton Assistant cook      
Longmiur, J  Eastleigh Assistant bedroom steward      
Lovell, J  Southampton Grill cook      
Lucas, W  Southampton Saloon steward saved    
Lydiatt, C  Southampton Saloon steward      
Mabey, J  Southampton Steward      
MacKay, Charles D  Southampton Saloon steward saved 11  
MacKie, G  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Major, E  London Bath steward      
Mantle, R  Southampton Steward      
Marks, J  Southampton Assistant pantryman      
Marriott, J. W  New Southgate Assistant pantryman      
Marsden, Miss Southampton Stewardess saved    
Martin, A  Fareham Scullion saved    
Martin, Miss London Second cashier, Ala Carte Restaurant saved    
Martin, Mrs  Portsmouth Stewardess saved    
Mattman, A  Southampton Ice man, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Mauge, Paul (last name Manga in RCC) London Chef's assistant, Ala Carte Restaurant (Kitchen clerk in RCC) saved 5  
Maynard, John Southampton Entree cook saved Collapsible B  
Maytum, Alfred Southampton Chief butcher      
McCarty, F  Southampton Bedroom steward      
McCawley, T. W  Southampton Gymnasium      
McElroy, Herbert Walter Southampton Purser     yes
McGrady, James (RCC spells as MacGrady) Southampton Saloon steward     #330, Fairview Cemetery, Halifax NS
McLaren, Mrs  Southampton Stewardess saved    
McMicken, A  Southampton Saloon steward saved 11  
McMullen, J  Southampton Saloon steward      
McMurray, W  Liverpool Bedroom steward      
Mellor, A  Southampton Saloon steward      
Middleton, M. V  London Saloon steward      
Mills, C  Southampton Assistant butcher saved    
Mishellany, A  London Printer      
Monoros, J  London Assistant waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Monteverdi, J  Southampton Assistant entree, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Moore, A  Southampton Saloon steward      
Morgan, W  Birkenhead Assistant storekeeper      
Morris, F  London Bath steward saved 14  
Moss, William (RCC gives initial as H) Southampton Saloon steward      
Mullen, T  Southampton Steward      
Muller, L  Southampton Interpreter      
Nannini, F  Highbury Hill Head waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Neale, H  Southampton Assistant baker saved    
Nicholls, T  Southampton Saloon steward      
Nichols, A  Southampton Steward      
Nichols, W. K  Southampton Assistant steward saved    
O'Connor, T  Liverpool Bedroom steward      
Olive, E. R  Southampton Clothes presser      
Orpet, W  Southampton Saloon steward      
Orr, J  Southampton Assistant vegetable cook      
Osborne, W  Southampton Saloon steward      
Owens, L  Southampton Assistant steward      
Pacey, R  Southampton Lift attendant      
Pacherat, J  Southampton Assistant larder, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Painton, J. A. (RCC lists as Paintin, A.) Oxford Captain's steward      
Parsons, E  Southampton Chief storekeeper      
Parsons, R  Ashbrittle, Somerset Saloon steward      
Pearce, A  Bournemouth Steward      
Pearcey, Albert Victor (in TAT as Pearce) Southampton Third class pantryman saved Collapsible C  
Pedrini, Alex Southampton Assistant waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Pennell, F  Southampton Bath steward      
Penny, W  Southampton Assistant steward      
Penrose, J  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Perkins, L  Soberton, Hampshire Telephone operator      
Perotti, Alfonsi London Assistant waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Perrin, W  Southampton Boots      
Perriton, H  Southampton Saloon steward      
Petrachio, A  London Assistant waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Petrachio, S  London Assistant waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Petty, Edwin Henry Southampton Bedroom steward      
Phillimore, Harold (RCC lists as Phillamore) Southampton Saloon steward saved 14 (picked up from ocean)  
Phillips, J  Southampton Storesman, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Phillips, John George (RCC lists initials as J. T.) London First Marconi operator     died on Collapsible B, buried at sea from Carpathia?
Piatti, L  London Assistant waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Piazza, P  London Waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Platt, W  Southampton Scullion      
Poggi, E  Southampton Waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Pook, R  Plymouth Assistant bedroom steward      
Port, F  Rockbourne Steward saved    
Prentice, Frank M  Southampton Assistant storekeeper saved 4 (picked up from ocean)  
Price, E  London Barman, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Prideaux, J. A  Pournemouth Steward      
Prior, H. J  Southampton Steward saved    
Pritchard, Mrs  London Stewardess saved    
Proctor, Chester Southampton Chef      
Pryce, W  Southampton Saloon steward      
Pugh, Alfred Southampton Steward saved 14  
Pusey, Jno Itchen, Hampshire Saloon steward      
Randall, F  Southampton Saloon steward      
Ranson, Jas Bristol Saloon steward      
Ratti, E  London Waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Ray, Frederick Dent Reading Saloon steward saved 13  
Reed, C  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Revall, W  Southampton Saloon steward      
Ricardona, R  London Assistant waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Rice, J. R  Crosby Clerk      
Rice, P  Southampton Steward      
Ricks, Cyril S  Southampton Assistant storekeeper      
Ridout, W  Southampton Saloon steward      
Rigozzi, A  London Waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Roberts, F  Reading Third butcher      
Roberts, H  Liverpool Bedroom steward      
Roberts, Mrs  Notts Stewardess saved    
Robertson, G  Southampton Assistant steward      
Robinson, J  Southampton Saloon steward      
Robinson, Mrs. Annie Southampton Stewardess saved 11  
Rogers, E. J  Southampton Assistant storekeeper      
Rogers, M  Winchester Saloon steward      
Ross, R  Woolston, Hampshire Scullion      
Rotto, Angelo (listed in RCC as Rotta, A.) London Waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Rousseau, P  London Chef, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Rowe, M  Southampton Saloon steward      
Rule, Samuel J  Southampton Bath steward saved 15  
Rummer, G  Southampton Saloon steward      
Russell, R  Redbridge, Hampshire Saloon steward      
Ryan, T  Southampton Steward      
Ryerson, W. E  London Saloon steward saved    
Sacaggi, G  London Assistant waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Salussolia, Giovenz London Glass man, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Samuels, W  Southampton Saloon steward      
Saunders, D. E. (RCC gives initials as W. E.) Southampton Saloon steward      
Savage, C. J  Southampton Steward saved    
Scavino, C  London Carver, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Scott Southampton Assistant boots      
Scovell, R  Southampton Saloon steward      
Sedunary, Sidney Southampton Steward      
Sesea, Gino London Waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Seward, H  Southampton Pantryman saved    
Shaw, H  Liverpool Scullion      
Shea, J  Woolston, Hampshire Saloon steward      
Siebert, Sidney C. (RCC gives initial as J.) Southampton Bedroom steward   4 died on Carpathia, buried at sea
Simmonds, A  Southampton Scullion saved    
Simmons, F. G  Southampton Saloon steward      
Simmons, W  Southampton Pass cook      
Sivier, W  Paddington Steward      
Skinner, E  Southampton Saloon steward      
Slight, H. J  Southampton Steward      
Slight, W  Southampton Larder cook      
Sloan, Miss Mary Belfast Stewardess saved    
Slocombe, Mrs. Maud London Turkish Bath attendant saved 11  
Smillie, J  Southampton Saloon steward      
Smith, C  Woolston, Hampshire Bedroom steward     #329?, Fairview Cemetery, Halifax NS
Smith, C  Itchen, Hampshire Scullion      
Smith, F  Southampton Assistant pantryman      
Smith, J  Southampton Assistant baker      
Smith, Miss Southampton Stewardess saved    
Smith, R. G  Southampton Saloon steward      
Snape, Mrs  Sandown Stewardess      
Stagg, J. H  Southampton Saloon steward      
Stap, Miss Birkenhead Stewardess saved    
Stebbing, S  Southampton Chief boots      
Stewart, John (Jack) Southampton Veranda cafe saved 14 (picked up from ocean)  
Stone, E  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Stone, E  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Stroud, E. A  Southampton Saloon steward      
Stroud, H  Southampton Saloon steward      
Strugnell, Jno Southampton Saloon steward      
Stubbings, H  Woodside, Lymington Cook and mess      
Swan, W  Liverpool Bedroom steward      
Symonds, J  Southampton Saloon steward      
Talbot, George Fredrick Charles Southampton Steward     yes, buried Fairview Cemetery, Halifax NS
Taylor, C  Southampton Steward      
Taylor, L  Blackpool Turkish Bath attendant      
Taylor, W  Southampton Saloon steward      
Terrell, F. (RCC lists as Terrill) Southampton Assistant steward saved    
Testoni, Ercole ? Assistant glass man      
Thayler, M  West Croydon Steward      
Thessinger, A  Southampton Bedroom steward saved 11  
Thomas, A. C  Southampton Saloon steward saved    
Thomas, B  Southampton Saloon steward saved    
Thompson, H  Southampton Second storekeeper      
Thorley, W  Southampton Assistant cook      
Tietz, C  Bridgwood Kitchen porter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Toms, F  Southampton Saloon steward saved    
Topp, T  Southampton Second butcher      
Tucker, B  Southampton Second pantryman      
Turner, G. F  Southampton Stenographer      
Turner, L  Southampton Saloon steward      
Turvey, C  London Page boy, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Urbini, R  London Waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Valassori, Ettera London Waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Veal, T  Southampton Saloon steward      
Vicat, J  London Fish cook, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Vilvarlarge, P  Rue National-Ambroise, France Assistant soup, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Vine, H  London Assistant controller, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Vioni, R  London Waiter, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Voegelin, H  London Coffeeman, Ala Carte Restaurant      
Wake, S  Southampton Assistant baker      
Wallis, Mrs  Southampton Matron      
Walpole, John Southampton Chief pantryman      
Walsh, Miss Southampton Stewardess      
Ward, E  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Ward, P  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Ward, William Southampton Saloon steward saved 9  
Wareham, R  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Warwick, F  Totton, Hampshire' Saloon steward      
Watson, W  Southampton Bell boy      
Weatherstone, T  Southampton Saloon steward      
Webb, Brooke Southampton Smoke-room steward      
Weikman, August H. (RCC lists as Whiteman, A. H.) Southampton Barber saved Collapsible C  
Welch, W. H  Southampton Assistant cook      
Wheat, Joseph Thomas (TAT lists as Wheate) Southampton Assistant second steward saved 11  
Wheelton, E  Southampton Saloon steward saved 11  
White, A  Portsmouth Assistant barber      
White, J  Portswood G. H. steward      
White, L  Southampton Saloon steward      
Whitely, Thomas London Saloon steward saved Collapsible B  
Whitford, A  Southampton Saloon steward      
Widgery, James Redland, Bristol Baths saved 9  
Williams, A  Liverpool Assistant storekeeper      
Williams, W  Southampton Assistant steward saved    
Willis, W  Southampton Steward      
Wiltshire, W  Southampton Assistant butcher      
Windebank, J  Southampton sauce cook saved    
Witter, James Woolston, Hampshire Second class smoke-room steward saved    
Wittman, H  Southampton Bedroom steward      
Wood, J. T  London Assistant steward      
Wormald, T. (TTT gives initial as F.) Southampton Saloon steward     yes, buried Baron de Hirsch Cemetery, Halifax NS
Wrapson, H  Southampton Assistant pantryman      
Wright, Fredrick London Racquet-court attendant      
Wright, W  Southampton G. H. steward not saved (RCC), saved (TAT) 13  
Yearsley, H  Southampton Saloon steward saved    
Yoshack, J  Southampton Saloon steward      
Zarracchi, L  Southampton Wine butler, Ala Carte Restaurant      

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