Color painting of the R.M.S. Titanic at sea.
Man Vs. Nature
Man Vs. Nature...Nature Wins

L.A. Times article

Saturday Morning - Los Angeles Daily Times - April 16, 1912 - [Part I]
Wonder Ship of Brief Career in Graveyard in the Graveyard of the Sea

Middle Column: How the Sea Monster "Titanic" Compares With Architectural Wonders of Earth.


Structures Here Represented Give Comparative Idea of Vastness of "Ocean Hotel." Left to Right, the Picture Shows:

Bunker Hill Monument, Boston 321 feet high
Public Buildings, Philadelphia 534 feet high
Washington Monument, Washington 555 feet high
Metropolitan Tower, New York 700 feet high
New Woolworth Building, New York 750 feet high
White Star Line's Triple-Screw Steamers "Olympic" and "Titanic" 882 1/2 feet long
Cologne Cathedral, Cologne Germany 516 feet high
Grand Pyramid, Gizeb, Africa 451 feet high
St. Peter's Church, Rome, Italy 448 feet high