Color painting of the R.M.S. Titanic at sea.
Titanic Reported to Have Struck Iceberg
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Times-Dispatch, Richmond, VA., April 15, 1912

Titanic Reported to Have Struck Iceberg

New White Star Liver Asks for Assistance,
And Virginian Goes to Her Aid

Montreal, Quebec, April 14—The new White Star Liner Titanic, is reported in advices received here late to-night to have struck an iceberg.

The news was received at the Allen Line offices here in a wireless message from the captain of the steamer Virginian, of that line. It was stated that the Virginian had been in wireless communication with the Titanic, that she had reported being in collision with an iceberg, and asked for assistance.

The Virginian reported that she was on her way to the Titanic.
The Virginian sailed from Halifax this morning, and at the time the wireless was sent she is reckoned to have been about abeam of Cape Race. She has 900 passengers on board, but can accommodate 900 of the Titanic’s passengers, should their removal be necessary.

The message from the Virginian’s captain was sent by wireless, to Cape Race and relayed to Montreal.