Color painting of the R.M.S. Titanic at sea.
Rescued Passengers
Aftermath and Inquiry

passenger list

Rescued Passengers

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Rosabee, Miss H. E.
Stephenson, Mrs. Walter
Wilson, Miss Helen A.
Williams, Rich N. (Probably P. M. Williams, Jr.)
O’Connell, Mrs. Robert (probably Mrs. R. G. Cornell

List of survivors whose names do not appear on the original sailing list, probably includes a large number of those who took the ship at Cherbourg:

Bassini, Miss A.
Burns, Mrs. G. M.
Casebere, Miss D. D.
Chamdasen, Miss Victorine
Daniel, Miss Sarah
Desette, Miss
Drauchensted, Alfred
Emock, Philip
Fleigheim, Miss Antoinette
Francatelli, Miss
Googht, James
Helverson, Mrs. A. O.
Homer, Henry R.
Mamy, Miss Ruberts
Melicard, Madame
Lavory, Miss Bertha
Lesneur, Gustave J.
Panhart, Miss Nanette
Renago, Mrs. Maminam J.
Renalt, Miss Apple
Seerepeca, Miss Augusta
Steffanson, H. B.
Segesser, Miss Emma
Smith, Miss P. P.
Slayton, Miss Hilda
Shadell, Robert Douglas
Smith, Mrs. Lucien P.
Ward, Miss Emma
Tucker, Mrs. And maid
Bessette, Miss
Middle, Olivia
Shedell, Robert Douglas
Brown, Edith
Cahries, William E.
Driscoll, Miss B.
Gerroal, Mrs. Mary
Hansen, Miss Jennie
McGowen, Miss Annie
Mare, Mrs. Florence
Skellery, Mrs. W. N.
Bucknell, Mrs. William
Barrett, Karl
Haussig, Mile
Brown, T. S. W.
Carmaocion, Renardo M.
Formery, Miss Elein
Healy, Miss Norah
Hososons, Massefame
McDearmott, Miss Letitia
Pensky, Miss Rossi
Trout, Mrs. Jessie

The names of the rescued second cabin passengers so far as they check up with the Titanic’s published list are:

Angle, William
Ball, Ada R.
Beane, Edward
Bryhl, Miss Dagmar
Collyer, Mrs. Charlotte
Christy, Miss Alice
Clark, Mrs. Ada Maria
Collett, Mrs. Stuart
Abelson, Hanna
Biss, Miss Kate
Beane, Miss Ethel
Bystrom, Miss Karolina
Collyer, Miss Marjoris
Chrysty, Miss Julia
Cameron, Miss
Caldwell, Albert F.
Caldwell, Mrs. Sylvia
Mallett, Mrs. A.
Nye, Mrs. Elizabeth
Pallas, Emilio
Parish, Mrs. L.
Quick, Miss Phyllis O.
Rebouf, Mrs. Lillie
Rugg, Miss Emily
Sincock, Miss Maude
Trout, Miss Edna S.
Webber, Miss Susan
Wright, Miss Marion
Watt, Miss Bertha
Wells, Mrs. Addie
Wells, Ralph

Some question as to identity:

Becker, Mrs. Allen; Miss Ruth, Miss Mary, Master Richard, meaning undoubtedly the same as given in sailing list under names of Mrs. A. O. Becker and three children.
Juliet, Mr. La Roche; Mr. La Roche, Simone, meaning Mrs. Joseph La Roche, and Simone La Roche.
Link, Kanas, Miss Anna, meaning Mrs. William Lahilgen.
Marshall, Miss Kate, meaning Mrs. Marshall.
Mange, Mr. Paula, May be Mrs. William Angle.
Malcroft, Mrs. Millie, meaning Miss Nellie Walcroft.
Mellosa, J. N., may be William Mellers.
Naserall, Mrs. Adelia, meaning Mrs. Nicholas Nisser
Oxenham, Percy J., meaning Thomas Oxenham.
Silwana, Miss, meaning Lillie Sylven.


CHERBOURG (France) April 16.—The following are additional names of first class passengers who went onboard the Titanic here. They were contained in the list previously published:

First cabin: Miss M. Hays, A. T. Compton, Mrs. E. S. Ostby, Mrs. J. S. White and two servants, Miss E. Evans, Miss T. Newell, Mr. J. Fauenthal, Mrs. A. F. Legenheim, Mr. Henry Boark, Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Smith, Mrs H. A. Cassebeer, Mrs. C. Candee, Miss Bowdon, Mrs. P. Schabert, Mrs. P. E. Mook, Mrs. Carter’s maid, Jacob Eernbaum.

Those of the second class: P. Hernot, Mrs. Widener’s maid and valet, Mrs. Irvan.

Among the survivors of this supplementary list are:
Miss M. Hays, Mrs. J. S. White, Henry Boank or Blank, Mrs. Paul Shabert, Mrs. Ostby, Miss or Mrs. A. Flegenheim, Mrs. L. P. and L. T. Smith, Mrs Candee.

SOUTHAMPTON (England) April 16—The following passengers whose names were on the list of the Titanic did not embark: First class: E. A. Melody, E. J. White, Schabert. Second class: Dr. C. J. Jenkins, Mrs. G. Wilkinson, Ada Wilkinson