Color painting of the R.M.S. Titanic at sea.
Titanic Ripped Open
Man Vs. Nature...Nature Wins

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Baltimore Morning Sun, April 17, 1912

Headline: Titanic Was Ripped Open in Her Crash With Iceberg

Left Column: The first authentic details of the terrible wreck of the Titanic were flashed in a wireless message from the steamer Bruce.

The Titanic, going at 15 knots an hour, struck a submerged spur of a great iceberg.

The vessel’s decks were ripped open and the upper works of the ship came crashing down like a giant hail.

The ship’s compartments from amidships forward were speedily flooded.

Many tons of ice fell upon her decks, contributing to the demolition and confusion.

There were painful scenes as the women and children were lowered into the boats.

The number of survivors of the Titanic disaster on board the Carpathia was given as 868.

The second, third, fourth, and fifth officers and the second Marconi officer were the only officers on the Titanic reported saved.

The revised death toll was placed at 1,302.

The Carpathia is picking its way through ice fields to New York.

The scout cruisers Chester and Salem were sent to meet the Carpathia and give assistance if necessary.

Tearful crowds thronged the steamship offices in all three cities, waiting hour after hour for news

Right Column: Upper Works and Smashed And Shower of Debris Fell Upon the Decks

Bruce Flashes Details

Terrible and Pathetic Scenes Enacted As Those Leaving the Ship Took Their Allotted Places In The Boats---Death Toll, 1,302, Saved, 868, Are Latest Estimates