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Battle of Fredericksburg

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Denis Callahan (fl. 1863). Passages of the Rappahannock and Battle of Fredericksburg, December 10th to 16th, 1862 . . . compiled from the Surveys of the Topographical Dept, . . . and a survey of the rebel position by Lt. Jed. Hotchkiss, T. E., to Lt. Gen. Jackson, C.S.A. [signed] by Alexander Doule, Major, 2D N.Y. AY., Insp. of Arty. Copied from the Original belonging to Gen'l Burnside/Topographical Bureau, April 8th 1863/D. Callahan. 24 1/2 x 31 inches, with attached overlay.

This unique manuscript map accompanied a battle report of Brigadier General Henry Hunt, chief of artillery for the Army of the Potomac. The map shows the several stationary positions held by Union and Confederate forces on 13 December 1862 as well as the various maneuvers carried out by Union troops under General Ambrose Burnside as they attempted to break through the Confederate defenses at Fredericksburg, Virginia.

The white rectangle is a strip of tape that holds a small map overlay showing the initial positions of the Union divisions commanded by Generals George Gordon Meade and John Gibbon. Beneath the overlay the Union lines are depicted in their initial and subsequent attacking positions.

Location: Map 755.36/M6/1861-1865/1862(2)