Dr. Hatley Norton Mason Papers, 1793-1968 (bulk 1952-1968)

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Personal Papers Collection, Acc# 27922
Extent: 4.475 cubic feet


Gift of Dr. H. Norton Mason, 7 February 1973


Preferred Citation:
H. Norton Mason. Papers, 1793-1968. Accession 27922. Personal papers collection, The Library of Virginia, Richmond, Va. 23219.



Dr. Hatley Norton Mason, Sr., was born on September 5, 1880 in Charlotte, North Carolina. He graduated from the University of Virginia medical school in 1904 and began practicing medicine in Richmond in 1905. During his long medical career, he served on the staff and board of the Johnston-Willis Hospital and the Retreat for the Sick hospital and taught at the Medical College of Virginia. He was credited with opening MCV's first pediatric ward.

In 1902, he served as medical officer for the 1st Virginia Regiment during the railway strike and during World War I served as chief medical examiner for the 5th Naval District, U.S. Marine Corps. He was also a member of the Richmond Light Infantry Blues and served with the Selective Service Bureau during World War II.

Active in Confederate Veterans groups, he served as surgeon-in-chief for the Sons of Confederate Veterans and commander of the Stonewall Jackson camp. During the early 1960's, he was president of the Defenders of State Sovereignty and Individual Liberties, the most powerful segregationist organization in Virginia and comparable to the White Citizens' Councils in other areas of the South.

He was married to Frances Lockert Bemiss, who died in 1974. She was the author of John Norton & Sons - Merchants in Virginia and London and My Dearest Polly, a collection of letters from Chief Justice John Marshall to his wife. Dr. Mason died from cancer in Richmond in 1978.


Papers, 1793-1968 (bulk 1952-1968), including brochures, clippings, correspondence, editorials, medals, newsletters, pamphlets, photographs, postcards, programs, and publications relating to segregation, integration, conservative and liberal issues, Confederate veterans groups, Civil War history, and Virginia history. Organized into the following series: I. Correspondence; II. Segregationist and Other Right Wing Literature; III. Integration Literature; IV. Confederate Veterans and Civil War Material; V. Miscellaneous; VI. Photographs; VII. Medals.


Series I. Correspondence, 1952-1964
Includes correspondence that discusses efforts to prevent desegregation, the growing power of the federal government, and the usurpation of a states' rights. Correspondents include David Rankin Barbee, Landon C. Bell, R. Carter Pittman, George Melton, Judge Walter B. Jones of Alabama, and Senator Harry F. Byrd, Sr.

Series II. Segregationist and Other Right Wing Literature
Consists of literature that supports segregation and a conservative ideology. Includes the Dan Smoot Report and literature from: Alert American Association, American Council of Christian Layman, Paul Barringer, Aldrich Blake, Defenders of the American Constitution, Defenders of State Sovereignty and Individual Liberties, James J. Kilpatrick, Ku Klux Klan, Minutemen, R. Carter Pittman, and White Citizens' Councils.

Series III. Integration Literature
Consists of literature that supports integration and equality of the races. Includes literature from the Citizens Committee for Civil Rights, Friend of the Mississippi Project, the Richmond Afro-American, Southern Conference Educational Fund, Inc., and Doxey A. Wilkerson.

Series IV. Confederate Veterans and Civil War Material
Includes programs of United Confederate Veterans reunions, and the Confederate Veteran and the U. D. C. Magazine. Also consists of material concerning Jefferson Davis and the Casemate Museum at Fort Monroe, Hampton, Virginia, and the dedication of Confederate memorials. Of note is a CSA Medical Circular dated 1863 outlining hospital procedures, and City of Richmond 25 cent notes dated 1862.

Series V. Miscellaneous
Includes publications and literature relating to Virginia history, Civil War history, and legal and legislative issues. Noteworthy are guides to the City of Richmond, photocopies of letters from John Marshall to his wife, and a memoir from Dr. Mason Graham Ellzey about his Civil War experiences.

Series VI. Photographs
Includes photographs of unidentified Confederate veterans and various Virginia scenes, including Colonial Williamsburg and Mount Vernon. The latter originated from the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. Also, includes postcards depicting the Petersburg battlefield, Robert E. Lee, and Virginia landmarks.

Series VII. Medals
Includes medals collected from various conventions of the United Confederate Veterans and Sons of Confederate Veterans.


Box Contents
1 Series I. Correspondence, 1952-1964
Series II. Segregationist and Other Right Wing Literature
Archbishop C. C. Addison, African Universal Church
Alert American Association
American Committee on Immigration Policies
American Council of Christian Laymen
American Mercury Reprints
American Nationalist
American Opinion
America's Future, Inc.
Douglas Anderson
Augusta Courier
Paul B. Barringer
Don Bell Reports and Close-Up
L. Nelson Bell, M. D.
Chester Berrlow
Bibliographies, Right Wing
Aldrich Blake
K. D. Brown
Canadian Intelligence Service
Christian Beacon
Cinema Educational Guild
Circuit Riders, Inc.
The Citizen, (Official Journal of the Citizens' Council of America), 1961-1965
Citizens' Councils
The Citizens' Council (Newspapers), 1958-1961
Committee of Christian Laymen
Committee for Constitutional Government
2 Congressional Record, Excerpts from
Conservative Viewpoint
Council for Statehood
Defenders of the American Constitution
Defenders of State Sovereignty and Individual Liberties
Economic Council Letter (National Economic Council)
Evangel Missionary Fellowship
The Fact Finder
Henry W. Fancher, Sr.
Florida Coalition of Patriotic Societies
William Z. Foster's Toward Soviet America, Review of
Freedom Club, First Congregational Church, Los Angeles
Henry E. Garrett
W. C. George
Georgia Commission on Education
Georgia General Assembly
Georgia Tribune
John Locke Green
Bela Hubbard
Human Events, 1957, 1962
T. Robert Igram, editor, Essays on Segregation
International Association for the Advancement of Ethnology and Eugenics
Walter B. Jones
Joseph P. Kamp
3 James J. Kilpatrick, The Southern Case for School Segregation
Ku Klux Klan
Judge Seybourn L. Lynne (Alabama)
Stanfield S. McClure
Dr. Kenneth McFarland
Massive Attack, Inc.
Mississippi State Junior Chamber of Commerce
National Putnam Letters Committee
National States Rights Party
National White American Party
Paul C. Neipp
Newspaper, Magazine Articles and Editorials (3 folders) 
Farmville Herald (Prince Edward County, Va.)
The People (British)
4 Richmond News Leaders
Richmond Times-Dispatch
Roanoke World-News
Judge L. H. Perez
R. Carter Pittman
D. B. Red
Review of the News, 1967
Rhodesian and South African Publications
Right, 1960
Selma, Alabama, Material on
Dan Smoot Report, 1964
John Howland Snow
South Deering (Ill.) Bulletin, 1957
The Southern Conservative, 1957
Southern States Industrial Council
Alan Stang
State Publishing Company (Ohio)
The Statesman (Georgia), 1956
States' Rights Council of Georgia
5 TACT Committee (North Carolina)
Henry P. Taylor
Tocsin (California Newsletter), 1965
Lyon G. Tyler
John J. Vertrees
Virginia Education Fund, Inc.
The Virginian, Oct. 1955-July 1957 (2 folders)
White America Society, 1925
Miscellaneous, 4 folders
Series III. Integration Literature
Church in Metropolis
Citizens Committee for Civil Rights
Fayette - Haywood Work Camps
Friend of the Mississippi Project
Richmond Afro-American, Articles from
Southern Conference Education Fund, Inc.
Southern Student Organizing Committee
U. S. Department of Labor, Office of Policy Planning and Research
Doxey A. Wilkerson 
6 Series IV. Confederate Veterans and Civil War Material
United Confederate Veteran Reunion
Souvenir Books, 1918-1919, 1934-1951 (4 folders)
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Blank Certificates
Eight Years Under the Stars and Bars by Thomas F. Harwell, 1947
First Day Covers
R. E. Lee Camp
S. V. C. and U. D. C. Newspapers Clippings
7 Confederate Veteran, Oct. 1897-June 1901 (4 folders)
U. D. C. Magazine, Feb.-Mar. 1956, Mar. 1957
CSA Medical Circular, 1863 and City of Richmond 25 cent notes, 1862
Jefferson Davis
Confederate Memorials
7A Pamphlets, Articles and Clippings on Civil War (4 folders)
8 Series V. Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Printed Matter (3 folders)
Abbreviated Handbook of Virginia, 1897
The Alabam Lawyer, April 1963
"The Cause We Lost and the Land We Love," by Mason Graham Ellzey, M. D.
Guides to City of Richmond, 1890, 1896, 1948
"The Knights of the Horseshoe . . . " by Dr. William A. Caruthers, 1882
Letters of John Marshall to Wife, 1797-1829, Photostats of (2 Folders)
The Negro in Virginia Politics, 1865-1902 by Richard L. Morton (1919)
9 North Carolina Law Review, Dec. 1963
The Southern Magazine, Mar. 1934-Feb. 1935
Under Texas Skies, May 1951-Nov. 1952
U. S. District Court, Georgia Civil Action No. 1316, 1963
U. S. Government Publications on Subversion, 1957, 1962
U. S. Loan Office Certificate to George Wilkerson, 1793
Series VI. Photographs
Unidentified Confederate Veterans
Virginia State Chamber of Commerce - Photographs of various Virginia scenes
10 Series VII. Medals

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