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The Charles F. Gillette Drawing and Correspondence Database includes a description of the landscape drawings and client correspondence currently housed in the Library of Virginia's Charles F. Gillette Papers, Accession 34472. To fully understand the arrangement and organization of the Gillette Collection, it is strongly recommended that researchers read the finding aid available from the Library's Archives & Manuscripts Catalog.

The database can be searched by Drawing Description, Gillette Account Number, Client Control Number (CCN), and Client Name.  The database also includes a drop-down list of clients organized alphabetically by the last name of the client or the business name.

The Drawing Description field is searchable by keywords in the title of the drawing. Typically, this will include a description of the drawing (e.g. "Planting Plan") and the client's name and address. In some instances, however, only a brief title is given to the drawing (e.g. "Detail"). 

General searches, such as a Client Name search of "Jones," returns a list of results containing links that, if clicked, will take the researcher to the full listing for that client name or client control number.

If correspondence exists for a particular project, the results will also return a reference to those materials. Correspondence does not survive for all projects. Likewise, drawings do not survive for each project and in some cases only correspondence results are returned. It is important to note that not all of Gillette's materials survive and a search may yield no results.

Additional Resources

Note on Client Name search: A search for "John" will yield records containing both given names and surnames containing "John," such as "Johnson" and "Johnston."

Note on Specific Gillette Drawing Number and Client Control Number Search: A search for 115 in the Gillette Number Search or the Client Control Number Search will yield records containing 115, such as 1115 or 180-115.

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