Cumberland County Order Book for 1st Brigade of Virginia Militia

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Accession Number: 25085
Genre: Manuscript volume
Date: 1814 Sept 11-1814 Oct 26
Dimensions: The volume's dimensions are 13 x 8 x inches.
Description: The record details brigade and general orders for troops in War of 1812 service and includes information about patrols, drills, guard details, troop discharges, officer appointments and retirements, orders to furnish various reports usually on supplies, and orders for various persons to report to various people and places. Other information recorded includes details of regimental courts convened for courts martial for various offenses including insubordination, cursing an officer, striking another soldier with a sword, taking men into battle unarmed, sleeping on watch, being absent without leave, and being drunk while in command. Sentences and punishments are recorded for the courts martial.
Restoration Needs: Repair cover, clean and repair pages. Resew and reguard pages. Refurbish the boards. This volume will also be microfilmed as part of the cost.
Cost of restoration: $725

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