A map of the state of Virginia reduced from the nine sheet map of the state, in conformity to law / by Herman Boye.

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Creator: Engraved by H. S. Tanner & E. B. Dawson
Genre: Map
Publication: Maps Related to the Board of Public Works
Date: 1827
Description: This 1827 map of Virginia, engraved by H. S. Tanner and E. B. Dawson, is one of a series associated with the Virginia Board of Public Works in need of conservation. This series includes manuscript and printed maps and surveys for canal, navigation, railroad, and turnpike companies associated with the Virginia Board of Public Works. Also included are river surveys, internal improvement maps, maps for special projects, and related plans and drawings. Virginia’s state map of 1827, based on the county maps created by John Wood and Herman Bo˙e, is one of the earliest produced by any state. Of the 48 Wood-Bo˙e county maps that are known to have survived, 40 are housed here at the Library of Virginia.
Restoration Needs: Remove cellulose acetate lamination with solvent. Treat aqueously. Provide an overall lining of Japanese tissue. Additional water-solubility testing on inks will be required after cellulose acetate removal to confirm suitability of water-based treatment. Rejoin the two sections into a single map.
Cost of restoration: $1500

Adopted by W. Bruce Wingo and the Norfolk Southern Corporation for conservation.

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