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Fry-Jefferson Map Society

The mission of the Fry-Jefferson Map Society is to develop, enhance and promote the cartographic collections of the Library of Virginia.  All funds raised by the Fry-Jefferson Map Society go directly to support this mission. Membership in the Fry-Jefferson Map Society is $50 and entitles you special benefits, including free admission to the annual Voorhees Lecture, advance notice of lectures and other Library programs and recognition in the Library Foundation's annual report.

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In Kind Gifts

The Library of Virginia's cartographic collection thrives in large part through the generousity of people who have given maps and other materials to the collection.  If you have a map or other document that you wish to consider donating to the Library of Virginia Foundation, please call Kat Spears at (804) 692-3813.  In-kind donations are fully tax deductible.

Upcoming events

2014 Voorhees Lecture on the History of Cartography

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Event Flyer

Special Map Exhibition begins at 10 AM; Lectures begin at 1 PM
Box lunch available at noon

The 2014 Alan M. & Natalie Voorhees Lecture of the History of Cartography features speakers Dr. Maury Klein and William C. Wooldridge discussing Virginia, Maps and Railroads. This event includes a special one–day exhibition of maps relating to the talks from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM and behind-the-scenes tours of the Library. Box lunches will be available for purchase. For more information, please call 804.692.3561.

Guest speakers:

Dr. Maury Klein, “Railroad Maps as Promises of the Future”

Dr. Klein was a professor of History at the University of Rhode Island for forty-four years and has authored several books that dissect the growth and influence of the railroad; these and other works earned Dr. Klein a reputation as one
of America’s prominent railroad historians. He has been nominated three times for the Pulitzer Prize.

William Wooldridge, “Tracks on Maps: Showcasing Virginia’s Nineteenth Century Railroads”

A retired Vice President for Norfolk Southern Corporation, William Wooldridge is currently a trustee of the Virginia Historical Society. He has a longtime interest in state, local, and family history, and has served as president of both
the John Marshall Foundation and the Norfolk Historical Society, and on the boards of public radio station WHRO and the Library of Virginia Foundation. He is the author of
Mapping Virginia: From the Age of Exploration to the Civil War.

Steering Committee of the Fry-Jefferson Map Society

  • William Wooldridge, Committee Chair
  • John Bottger, Vice Chair
  • William Anderson
  • Evelyn Edson
  • Dennis Gurtz
  • Bert Johnson
  • Edward Oldfield
  • Luke Vavra
  • David Williams
  • Thomas A. Wolf
  • Cassandra Farrell, Library of Virginia Liaison
  • Kat Spear, Library of Virginia Foundation Liaison

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Adopt Virginia's History

Many of the Library's maps are in desperate need of conservation and restoration before they can be released for use.  These maps are available for adoption through our Adopt Virginia's History program.  Any donation of $100 or more towards the conservation of a map will be noted in the maps catalog record, and a card noting the adoption will be placed with the map.  Additionally, you will receive a handsome certificate recognizing your contribution.  For more information and a list of maps in current need of conservation, please call Kat Spears at (804) 692-3813 

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Fry Jefferson Map Society relies on the support of local businesses to support its mission and programming.  For information on the benefits of sponsoring a Map Society program, please call Kat Spears.