Fry-Jefferson Map Society

The mission of the Fry-Jefferson Map Society is to develop, enhance and promote the cartographic collections of the Library of Virginia. Funds raised by the Fry-Jefferson Map Society go directly to support this mission. Membership in the Fry-Jefferson Map Society is $75 and entitles you to special benefits, including admission to the annual Voorhees Lecture, advance notice of lectures and other Library programs.

More information on becoming a member.

In Kind Gifts

The Library of Virginia's cartographic collection thrives in large part through the generosity of people who have given maps and other materials to the collection.  If you have a map or other document that you wish to consider donating to the Library of Virginia Foundation, please call Dawn Greggs at 804-692-3813.  In-kind donations are fully tax deductible.


We are pleased to share the Library of Virginia has launched a Fry-Jefferson Map Society E-Newsletter for members in August 2016. While the newsletters will be available online, members receive a first-hand look via email.

Volume 1 – August 2016
Volume 2 – January 2017
Volume 3 – July 2017
Volume 4 – January 2018

Upcoming events


“The New Map of Empire: How Britain Imagined America Before Independence”

Date: Saturday, November 3, 2018 | 10:00 am-11:30 am
Author Speaker: S. Max Edelson
Location: Conference Rooms
Cost: $20 (Free for Fry-Jefferson Map-Society Members, $15 for Semper Virginia Society Members)

Preregistration required. To register: https://bit.ly/2ueGvtq

More more information, download flyer.

S. Max Edelson studies the history of colonial British America and the Atlantic world. His research seeks to describe the material as well as the cultural dimensions of new world colonization. His book, The New Map of Empire: How Britain Imagined America before Independence (Harvard University Press, 2017), studies the cartographic record of empire in British America in the generation before the American Revolution. The book features a dynamic digital archive of 257 maps and map collections. Edelson is co-director of the UVA Early American Seminar at Monticello, an ongoing research seminar devoted critiquing research in progress on colonial America, the American Revolution, the early republic and related fields. Book signing to follow the lecture.

For more information about the event or membership, contact the Library of Virginia Foundation at 804.692.3813 or dawn.greggs@lva.virginia.gov.


2019 Annual Alan M. & Nathalie P. Voorhees Lecture on the History of Cartography

Topic will be announced soon!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Location: Library of Virginia Lecture Hall and Conference Rooms
Cost: $10 (Free for Fry-Jefferson Map Society & Semper Virginia Society Members)



Steering Committee of the Fry-Jefferson Map Society

  • Penny Anderson
  • William Anderson
  • John Bottger
  • Elaine Dotson
  • Evelyn Edson
  • Dennis Gurtz
  • Edward Oldfield
  • David Williams
  • Library of Virginia Liaisons – Leslie Courtois, Audrey McElhinney, Cassandra Farrell
  • Library of Virginia Foundation Liaison – Dawn Greggs

LVA Map Links

Adopt Virginia's History

Many of the Library's rare books, manuscripts, maps, ephemera and other items in our collections are in desperate need of conservation and restoration before they can be released for use.  These maps are available for adoption through our Adopt Virginia's History program.  Any donation of $100 or more towards the conservation of an item will be noted in the item's catalog record, and a card noting the adoption will be placed with the item.  Additionally, you will receive a handsome certificate recognizing your contribution.  For more information and a list of maps in current need of conservation, please call Dawn Greggs at 804-692-3813. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Fry Jefferson Map Society relies on the support of local businesses to support its mission and programming.  For information on the benefits of sponsoring a Map Society program, please call Dawn Greggs at 804-692-3813.

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