The newest version of the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs) will be implemented across Virginia this year, and we at the Library of Virginia were pleased to see a fuller inclusion of American Indians . . .
Virginia Standards of Learning: VS.8 and USII.4
The 2010 Anne and Ryland Brown Teacher Research Fellows
The Library of Virginia is pleased to announce the second annual Anne and Ryland Brown Teacher Research Fellows for 2010. Founded in 2009, the Anne and Ryland Brown Teacher Research Fellowship provides Virginia educators the opportunity to research and study a specific aspect of Virginia history and produce . . .
2010 Anne and Ryland Brown Teacher Institute
The first annual Anne and Ryland Brown Teacher Institute was held at the Library of Virginia this July. The two-day event, “Union or Secession: Virginians Decide,” focused on Virginia’s path toward disunion between the fall of 1860 and . . .
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Here’s what past participants are saying: “I am looking forward to integrating these resource materials in my 4th grade lessons!” “The visuals handed out . . .
Upcoming Event
Thurs., Sept. 23, 2010 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Teacher Workshop: “We, The People” Through Primary Sources
What role did Virginians play in the founding of the United States? What were their contributions to the nation’s founding documents: the U. S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights? These and other questions will be explored . . .
Some Welcome Feedback
At the Library of Virginia we welcome feedback on our public resources. That is why when we got an e-mail from Peggy Hammond of Washington, D.C., saying that she had more information concerning Judith Hope (the subject of both a This Day in Virginia History entry, January 17, and a Lesson Plan on our Online Classroom), we were intrigued. . . .
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September 13, 1723—
Indians at Nansemond Town Petitioned the Governor
This is the perfect short document to discuss the interactions between European settlers and American Indians in colonial Virginia. A group of Virginia Indians appealed to the governor . . .
SOL Correlation: USI.4b