Virginia Cavalcade Volume 7, Number 2, Autumn 1957

Table of Contents Page Number
Nathaniel Bacon's Poetic Epitaphs, by Paul C. Wermuth 6
The Earliest Congressional Medals of Honor, by Helen Hill Miller 9
An Ode to Reconciliation: James Barton Hope Delivered at Yorktown in 1881 a Poetic Tribute to the Reunited States, by Paul C. Wermuth 14
Call to Parley [British Surrender at Yorktown, 1781], by Robert L. Scribner 18
The Second Siege [Yorktown, 1862], by Robert L. Scribner 27
Lucy Selina's Charcoal Era: Enterprising John Jordan and His Sons Developed Iron Furnaces in Alleghany County, by Lester J. Cappon 31
Lucy Selina's Coke Era [Manufacture of Pig Iron in Post-Bellum Virginia], by W. Edwin Hemphill 40

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