Virginia Cavalcade Volume 2, Number 4, Spring 1953

Table of Contents Page Number
Long Live the King! Royal Accessions and Birthdays Were Celebrated Heartily in Colonial Virginia, by Elizabeth Dabney Coleman 5
"In a Constant Struggle": How and Why Virginians Voted for Thomas Jefferson in 1800, by W. Edwin Hemphill 8
Hats Our Mothers Wore, by Elizabeth Dabney Coleman 16
Southwest Virginia's Railroad [the Virginia and Tennessee], by Elizabeth Dabney Coleman 20
Statesmen vs. Land Pirates [The Virginia Deed of Cession], by Robert L. Scribner 29
The Dogwood: Official Flower of the Old Dominion, by William H. Gaines, Jr. 32
Matrimony in Isolation: Or, Who Will Marry Us? [Clergymen], by William M. E. Rachal 36
Waiting for War in Virginia Waters: The Russian Ship in Norfolk Harbor was Primed for a Naval Duel with her British Rival [1885], by William H. Gaines, Jr. 38
Nemesis at Gwynn's Island [Lord Dunmore's Defeat, 1775], by Robert L. Scribner 41

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