Virginia Cavalcade Volume 5, Number 1, Summer 1955

Table of Contents Page Number
Al Aaraaf and the Unknown Critic: Edgar Allan Poe Receives a Discerning Review, by Randolph W. Church 4
Pastures Fenced by the Sea [Chincoteague Pony Penning], by William H. Gaines, Jr., and W. Edwin Hemphill 8
The Virginian "Father" of Texas: Stephen F. Austin, by Robert L. Scribner 16
Under a Jeffersonian Dome: The Rotunda of the University of Virginia, by William H. Gaines, Jr. 20
Solving the Problem of Insolvency [Debtor's Prisons], by Elizabeth Dabney Coleman 26
The Virginian "Raven" of Texas [Sam Houston], by Robert L. Scribner 31
Thomas Jefferson's Favorite Hideaway [Poplar Forest], by William H. Gaines, Jr. 36
A Virginian "Ranger" of Texas: William A. A. [Bigfoot] Wallace, by Robert L. Scribner 40
Citizen Soldiers at Spangler's Woods: A Sculptured Tribute to Virginia's Sons at Gettysburg, by James R. Short 44

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