Virginia Cavalcade Volume 4, Number 3, Winter 1954

Table of Contents Page Number
Forerunner of Virginia's First Railway [The Chesterfield Tramway, 1830-1850], by Elizabeth Dabney Coleman 4
"A Bottle Strongly Corked" [Richmond National Battlefield Park], by Robert L. Scribner 8
The Fires of Smithfield [Ham], by William H. Gaines, Jr. 14
Black Boanerges [John Jasper, Baptist Preacher], by Elizabeth Dabney Coleman 18
Men Against the [Great Dismal] Swamp, by William H. Gaines, Jr. 23
The Minstrel Sang of a Dusky Lake [Irish Poet Thomas Moore and "The Lake of the Dismal Swamp"], by William H. Gaines, Jr. 30
Treason on Trial [John Brown], by William M. E. Rachal 32
William Parks: Virginia's First Printer, by Elizabeth Dabney Coleman 38
General Practitioner of Letters: Dr. George William Bagby, by Robert L. Scribner 43

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