Virginia Cavalcade Volume 5, Number 3, Winter 1955

Table of Contents Page Number
To the Walls of Cartagena: How "Mount Vernon" Got its Name, by William H. Gaines, Jr. 4
Belle Isle [Richmond], by Robert L. Scribner 8
The Connecting Link: The Expansion of Virginia's Public High Schools, 1900-1910, by William H. Gaines, Jr. 15
"Virginia House" [Alexander and Virginia Weddell], by Robert L. Scribner 20
The Strange Lodge of Wau-zee-hos-ka [Captain John Cussons], by James R. Short 30
When the "Stars" Fell [1833 Meteor Shower], by Elizabeth Dabney Coleman 34
Ceremonial Symbol in Silver [The Mace of Norfolk], by Elizabeth Dabney Coleman 39
"A Block of Fine Marble" [Statue of Lord Botetourt], by William H. Gaines, Jr. 43

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