Virginia Cavalcade Volume 29, Number 4, Spring 1980

Table of Contents Page Number
"Beformed on a study of antient models": Virginia's Capitol is America's First Monument of the Classic Revival   149
A Portfolio from the Virginia Sketchbook of Edith Clark Chadwick, by R. Lewis Wright   150
"There Goes Mike Houston" [Richmond News-Leader Columnist], by Charles Henry Hamilton    156
The Moor vs. Black Diamond: Thomas Molineaux, Tom Cribb, and the British Prize Ring [Boxing], by Michael Harris Goodman   164
"A high old cruise": John Mercer Brooke and the American Voyage of the Kanrin Maru, by George M. Brooke, Jr.   174
Henry Bedinger of Virginia: First United States Minister to Denmark, by Alexandra Lee Levin   184

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