Virginia Cavalcade Volume 29, Number 3, Winter 1980

Table of Contents Page Number
"If there is no bright side, then polish up the dark one": Maria Louisa Fleet and the Green Mount Home School for Young Ladies, by Betsy Fleet    100
Lord Botetourt's Warming Machine [Heating Stove], by Brent Tarter 
That "Commodious" Annex to Jefferson's Rotunda: Was It Really a National Mausoleum?, by John Hammond Moore   114
An Odyssey in Gray: Selections from a Diary of Confederate Naval Life with the C.S.S. Rappahannock, by Douglas French Forrest, CSN   124
The Louisa Railroad Company: Genesis of Chessie's System [Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad], by Charles W. Turner   130
The Humor of Edgar Allan Poe, by Jack Kaufhold   136

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