Virginia Cavalcade Volume 50, Number 3, Summer 2001 50th Anniversary Issue

Table of Contents Page Number
Image of Cover of Virginia Cavalcade The Records of the Virginia War History Commission, by Roger Christman                      100
A Soldier of Song in World War I: William Howe Ruebush, Virginia National Guard, by Dale F. Harter 102
"Our share in the war is no small one": Virginia Women and World War I, by Jennifer Davis McDaid  114
"I really never thought war was so cruel": The Veterans' Questionnaires of the Virginia War History Commission, by J. Jefferson Looney  124
"If they consent to leave them over there": The European Pilgrimages of World War I Mothers and Widows from Virginia, by Mary Sine Clark  134
The Official War Atlas of the 1st Division, American Expeditionary Force, by Vince Brooks 142

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