The Executive Mansion Rehabilitation Project Database's web-interface is searchable by building location, work type, and keyword. The database records may contain all or some of the following fields: weather conditions, photographs, observational notes, location in the specific building, information source, work type, report author, and date. Thumbnail images will display on the results page. Users can click on the thumbnail for a larger photograph. Please disable any pop-up blocker software for the images to display correctly in a second window.

Search modes display in the following manner:

The raw database files were transferred to the Library of Virginia by the donor. Archivists then processed this material for patron use. No data were manipulated or altered during this process, only the interface was changed to make the database more user-friendly. Despite notations of their inclusion in the database, none of the videos documenting rehabilitation work were transferred with this accession. Additionally, the database entries labeled "Administrative" were printed out and included with the other textual records, and designated work areas with no records were removed from the web page. All of the documentary information in the accession has been made available to the public. The original raw files have been maintained by the Library of Virginia.

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