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War of 1812 Pay Rolls and Muster Rolls - Abbreviations for Ranks


Acting Act'g.
Aide de Camp A. D. Camp; A. D.; Aid.e; Aid
Adjutant Adj't.; Adj.; Ad.
Assistant Ass't.; Asst.; Ass.; As.
Brigade Brig.; B. [as in Brigade Inspector.]
Brigadier Brig.; B. [as in Brigadier General.]
Captain Capt.; Cap't.
Captain Commandant Capt. Com'dt.
Captain Commanding Capt. Com'g.
Clerk Cl'k
Colonel Col.
Commissary Com'y
Cornet Cornet
Corporal Corpl.; Corp.
Deputy Forage Master D. F. M.
Division Div.; D. [as in Division Inspector or Division Quartermaster]
Division Quartermaster D. Q. Master; D. Q. M.
Drum Major D. Major; D. M.
Drummer D.
Ensign En.
Fife Major F. Major; F. M.
Fifer F.
Forage Master For. Master; F. Master; F. M.
General Gen'l.; Gen.
Hospital Hosp'l.; Hosp.; H.
Hospital Surgeon Hosp'l. Surg.
Hospital Steward Hosp'l. Steward; Hosp. Steward; H. Steward
Inspector Insp'tor; Insp'r.; Insp.; Ins.
Lieutenant Lieut.; Lt.
Major Maj.
Musician Musician
Orderly Sergeant Ord. Sergeant
Principal Forager Prin. Forager
Principal Forage Master P. F. Master
Principal Wagon Master P. W. Master
Pay Master Paymaster; P. Master; P. M.
Quarter Master Qr. Master; Q. Master; Q. Mas'r; Q. M.
Quartermaster General Q. M. General; Q. M. Gen'l.
Quartermaster Sergeant Qr. Sergeant; Q. M. Serg't.; Q. M. Serg.; Q. M. S.
Riding Master R. Master; R. M.
Sword Master S. Master; S. M.
Saddler Saddler
Sergeant Serg't.; Serg.; S.
Sergeant Major Sergt. Major; Serg. Major; S. Major
Servant Servant
Surgeon Surg.
Surgeon General Surg. Gen'l.; Surg. Gen.
Surgeon Mate Surg. Mate; S. Mate
Team Master T. Master
Wagon Master W. Master; Wag. Mas'r; W. M.
Ward Master Ward Master