About the R. Bolling Batte Papers Biographical Card Files

General Arrangement of Finding Aid

The main index is alphabetical by surname followed by separate indexes for the Epes/Eppes and Jones families. Codes consisting of letters and numbers indicate the source of the information provided in each entry and are usually found in the right-hand margin of the card. A key to the codes is at the end of the index. There is also a key to published materials cited.

In the key to the sources a letter indicates the type of document and the number indicates either the county or a specific item. For example, A3 stands for Petersburg birth registers, B23 stands for Charles Washington Friend Bible, and P81 stands for the published title Rebirth of the Old Dominion. (A = birth register, 3 = Petersburg; B = family Bible, 23 = Charles Washington Friend Bible; P = publication, 81 = Rebirth of the Old Dominion.)

Format of Collection

Typed and handwritten cards.

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R. Bolling Batte Papers, 1918-1992

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