About the Culpeper County Classes, 1781

General Arrangement of Finding Aid | Format of Collection
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Description of Collection

The Legislature, sitting in session between 16 October 1780 and 2 January 1781, passed "An act for recruiting this state's quota of troops to serve in the Continental Army" [Hening 10:326-327] which called for each county to supply a specific number of men. The act further called for the county militia to be divided into equal units, or classes, and one man to be chosen by lot to serve 'during the war, or for the term of three years'. If the quota was not thus recruited, one man was to be drafted from each class. Culpeper County was responsible for furnishing 106 men. This collection lists all the men in each class and the individual drafted from each. In some cases a trade or physical description of the draftee is given.

General Arrangement of Finding Aid

Arrangement is alphabetical by last name. Cards also indicate the class number of the individual.

Format of Collection

1 bound volume (original document), microfilm (reel 7 of Public Service Claims microfilm), and typed copy from a photostat of the original published as A List of Classes in Culpeper County for January 1781 for Recruiting this States Quota of Troops to Serve in the Continental Army.

More Information about the Collection

Entry 227 in Auditor of Public Accounts Inventory (Richmond, 1992).

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