About the Virginia State Chamber of Commerce Photograph Collection

The Virginia State Chamber of Commerce gave the Library a collection of 31,599 photograph negatives created during the first fifty years of the Chamber's existence. They are primarily the work of one photographer, Phil Flournoy, and cover the period 1922-1972. The subjects range from dedication ceremonies for air terminals, bridges and dams; daily activities in the cotton, peanut, textile, commercial fishing, and tobacco industries; farming and harvests; the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Skyline Drive; hunting, fishing, and other sports; and numerous local festivals celebrating Virginia agriculture, industries, and products, as well as various aspects of community life. Approximately 5,000 of the images had previously been transferred to black-and-white prints, while the remaining 25,000 existed only as negatives. The Library is in the process of making prints from these negatives, digitizing all images and creating a searchable database. The online database presents work that has been completed so far.

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