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About the Collection

A personal inscription opens the Radford Record Album, a book of photographs Wise Worrell, editor of the Radford Record, collected and presented to Dr. McConnell, then president of Radford State Normal School: "To Dr. J. P. McConnell/ With Compliments of Wise Worrell/ Dec. 15, 1915".

In his introduction to the album, Worrell states, "(w)ritten descriptions of cities, towns, and localities are numerous and frequent, but photographic narratives, embracing the people, places. . . and activities of a community are rare in comparison." The 1915 publication of the Radford Record Album captures three years of life in this small community.

Photos of local dignitaries such as Dr. McConnell, Dr. J. A. Noblin, Health Officer, and Hon. J. Hoge Tyler, ex-governor of Virginia, appear here, as well as the first faculty group of Radford State Normal School (now Radford University).

Scenes of the New River and Radford in the distance lend a sleepy air to this collection of photographs. Graduates of the State Normal School, literary societies, workers posing in front of Radford Willis Southern Railway--all offer rare glimpses into the lives of Radford's citizens before the first World War. Momentos of people and places in the past exist, if only for a short time, in our thoughts. The Radford Public Library holds this photo album in trust.

The online collection consists of 228 photographs.

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Search Tips

Punctuation and capitalization are disregarded. Entries in this database are arranged in letter-by-letter alphabetical order. In addition to the above searches, you may click on any highlighted element of a database record (such as a title) to initiate a search on that element. Each record in the Radford Photograph Collection database consists of:

Titles consist of brief descriptions of the photograph taken from the captions.


Notes usually begin with the phrase: "Title continues ..." or "Additional captions:" and consist of the rest of the published caption not used in the title. All of the information in the notes is keyword searchable.

Examples of notes:

Image Numbers
Image numbers were arbitrarily assigned to the photographs as they were cataloged and are visible only in the MARC display.  These numbers are keyword-searchable.

Subject Headings
Each record contains one or more subject headings. Subject headings include names of people, buildings, and companies and numerous topical headings.

Click on the URL at the top of the full record display to view the digitized image.

For more detailed help with searching, click on the "Help" link on the main search screen and scroll down to "Search Functions" and "Search Tips."

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