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All Records for Nelson County, Kentucky

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Reel No.Title
0001Bonds, 1794-1802

Court Records

County Court

Reel No.Title
0002-0003Chancery Papers, 1780-1807 (includes District Court of Chancery and Court of Quarter Sessions)
0004Clerks' Fee Book, 1793, index, 71 p.
0004Clerks' Fee Book, 1794, index, 54 p.
0004Clerks' Fee Book, 1803-1804, index, 151 p.
0004Clerks' Fee Book, 1806-1807, unpaged.
0004Clerks' Fee Book, 1807-1808, unpaged.
0004Clerks' Fee Book, 1809-1812, unpaged.
0004Clerks' Fee Book, 1814-1815, unpaged.
0005Issue Docket, 1795-1802, unpaged.
0005Issue Docket, 1797-1802, unpaged.
0005Issue Docket, 1810 (October), unpaged.
0005Issue Docket, 1810, unpaged.
0005Issue Docket, 1810-1811, unpaged.
0005Issue Docket, 1815, unpaged.
0005Issue Docket, 1816-1817, unpaged.
0006Judgments, 178-1786
0007Order Book, 1790-1791, 567 p.
0008Writs of Ad Quod Danum re: Mill Sites, 1789-1847

Court of Quarter Sessions

Reel No.Title
0009Order Book, 1802, index, 46 p.
 see also County Court

District Court of Chancery

Reel No.Title
 see County Court

Supreme Court (Bardstown District)

Reel No.Title
0009Order Book, 1796-1799, index, 402 p.

Land Records

Reel No.Title
0011Deed Book 4, 1790-1795, index, 930 p.
0012Deed Book 5, 1795-1801, index, 738 p.
0010Deed Books 1-3, 1784-1795 (in one volume)
0015Depositions to Establish Land Entries, 1795-1810
0013General Index to Deeds #1, 1786-1875
0014General Index to Deeds #2, 1875-1893
0014General Index to Deeds #3, 1893-1919
0013General Index to Deeds, 1786-1818 (Grantors)

Marriage Records and Vital Statistics

Reel No.Title
0016Marriage Register 1, 1785-1859
0016Marriage Register 1-A, 1851-1881
0016Marriage Register 2, 1860-1951

Miscellaneous Records

Reel No.Title
0024Bardstown Charter and Ordinances, 1878, (published) 48 p.
0024Bardstown Trustees Minute Book, 1789-1827, (Newspaper clippings of transcription which appeared in the "Kentucky Standard")
0025Estray Book, 1799-1807

Tax and Fiscal Records

Reel No.Title
0017Insolvent Debtors Papers, 1799-1801
0018Land and Personal Property Tax Books, 1792-1810
0019Lists of Tithables, 1785-1791


Reel No.Title
0023D.A.R. Will Abstracts, 1784-1851, Mercer County Will Books 1, 2 & 3, Montgomery County Will Book E, Nelson County, Pulaski County Will Book 2, Washington County
0022General Index to Wills, 1785-1962 (A-I)
0022General Index to Wills, 1785-1962 (J-Z)
0020Will Book 1, 1785-1790, index, 77 p.
0020Will Book A, 1786-1807, index, 1027 p.
0020Will Book B, 1808-1828, index, 346 p.
0020Will Book C-1, 1811-1814, index, 280 p.
0020Will Book C-2, 1814-1817, 548 p.
0021Will Book D, 1818-1823, index, 559 p.
0021Will Book E (Pt. 1), 1823-1825, index, 335 p.
0021Will Book E (Pt. 3), 1828-1830, index, 62 p., index