Nominations for the 14th Library of Virginia Literary Awards held in 2011

Fiction | Non-Fiction | Poetry


Adams, Stacy Hawkins Dreams That Won't Let Go: A Novel

Andrews, Donna Stork Raving Mad: A Meg Langslow Mystery

Baldacci, David G. Deliver Us From Evil

Baldacci, David G. Hell's Corner

Blevins, Jay The Last Fall

Boggs, Belle Mattaponi Queen: Stories

Byrnes, William G. Unfinished Business: A Novel

Casey, John Compass Rose

Cole, Meredith Dead in the Water: A Mystery

Combs, Allison The Spirit War Trilogy: The Mansion of Misfortune

Cotter, James The Bridge Over the Bering Strait

Crosby, Ellen The Viognier Vendetta: A Wine Country Mystery

Ducharme, Diann Schnell The Outer Banks House: A Novel

Erskine, Kathryn Mockingbird

Grisham, John Ford County: Stories

Grisham, John The Confession: A Novel

Grissom, Kathleen The Kitchen House: A Novel

Hoagland, Linda Hudson Death By Computer

Honenberger, Sarah Collins Catcher, Caught

Kaldas, Pauline The Time between Places: Stories That Weave In and Out of Egypt and   America

Karon, Jan   In the Company of Others

Kraus Jr., Harry L.   The Six-Liter Club: A Novel

Laird, Meredith S. Dangerous Differences

Madison, Savannah   Daddy's Wives

Malliet, G. M.   Death at the Alma Mater

Martin, Stephen H. Dead Man of the Year:  A Whodunit

McCrumb, Sharyn The Devil Amongst the Lawyers: A Ballad Novel

McKenzie, Jake When Pigs Flu

Nichols, George   The View from Afton Mountain

Orloff, Alan Diamonds for the Dead

Pearson, T.  R. Jerusalem Gap

Radulescu, Domnica Black Sea Twilight

Rathbone, Emma   The Patterns of Paper Monsters

Richards, Jacqueline E. The Pinnacle Seven: A Political Mystery

Robinson, Mariah Love and Other Illusions

Somma, C. Thomas Midori and the 1000 stitch Belt

Trigiani, Adriana Brava Valentine

Wenzel, Richard P. Labyrinth of Terror

Wilson, Jack Hamilton Sent Back

Wingfield, Andrew Right of Way

Young-Stone, Michele The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors: A Novel

Ziegler, Irene   Ashes to Water


Aaron, Larry G. The Wreck of Old 97

Allard, William Albert William Albert Allard: Five Decades, A Retrospective

Allen, George What Washington Can Learn From the World of Sports

Bassard, Katherine Clay Transforming Scriptures: African American Women Writers and the Bible

Berrier Jr., Ralph If Trouble Don't Kill Me: A Family's Story of Brotherhood, War and Bluegrass

Borte, Jason Kook's Guide to Surfing

Brodie, Laura F. Love in a Time of Homeschooling

Browder, Laura When Janey Comes Marching Home: Portraits of Women CombatVeterans

Brown, Beth Wicked Richmond

Buford, Kate Native American Son: The Life and Sporting Legend of Jim Thorpe

Campbell, Julie A. The Horse in Virginia

Censer, Jack R. On the Trail of the D.C. Sniper, Fear and the Media

Chernow, Ron Washington: A Life

Christianson, Scott  Freeing Charles: The Struggle to Free a Slave on the Eve of the Civil War

Cyrus, Bainy B. All Eyes. A Memoir of Deafness

De Haven, Tom  Our Hero: Superman on Earth

Doumlele, Ruth The Randolph Women & Their Men

Ekirch, A. Roger Birthright: The True Story That Inspired Kidnapped

Evans, James W.  A Morning in June - Defending Outpost Harry

Ford, David R. Blind in One Eye: A Story About Seeing the Possibilities

Fox, John J.  The Confederate Alamo: Bloodbath at Petersburg’s Fort Gregg

 on April 2, 1865

Gorant, Jim  The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick's Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption

Grayson, George W. Mexico: Narco-Violence and a Failed State?

Hoagland, Linda Hudson   Living Life For Others

Horn, James A Kingdom Strange: The Brief and Tragic History of the Lost Colony of Roanoke

Howard, Chris Money Makers: Inside the New World of Finance and Business

Hudson, Michael W. The Monster: How a Gang of Predatory Lenders and Wall Street Bankers   Fleeced America - and Spawned a Global Crisis

Hume, Ivor Noel A Passion for the Past: The Odyssey of a Transatlantic Archaeologist

Kaminski, John P.  The Great Virginia Triumvirate: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison in the Eyes of their Contemporaries

King, Barbara J.  Being with Animals: Why We Are Obsessed with the Furry, Scaly, Feathered  Creatures Who Populate the World

Kranish, Michael Flight from Monticello: Thomas Jefferson at War

Lambert, Lillian Lincoln  The Road to Someplace Better: From the Segregated South to Harvard  Business School and Beyond

Leland, John G.  Learning the Valley: Excursions into the Shenandoah Valley

Lendon, J.E. Song of Wrath: The Peloponnesian War Begins

Lohmann, Bill Backroads and Byways of Virginia

MacVicar, Jamie  The Advance Man: A Journey Into the World of the Circus

Miller, Kristie Ellen and Edith: Woodrow Wilson's First Ladies

Minick, Jim  The Blueberry Years:  A Memoir of Farm and Family

Morsman, Amy Feely The Big House After Slavery: Virginia Plantation Families and Their  Postbellum Domestic Experiment

Pearson, T.  R.  Year of Our Lord: Faith, Hope, and Harmony in the Mississippi Delta

Peters, John O.  Richmond's Hollywood Cemetery

Pineda, Jon Sleep in Me

Ragosta, John A.  Wellspring of Liberty: How Virginia's Religious Dissenters Helped Win the American Revolution and Secured Religious Liberty

Ruthchild, Rochelle Equality and Revolution: Women's Rights in the Russian Empire, 1905-1917

Skloot, Rebecca The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Smartt, Elizabeth Thalhimer Finding Thalhimers

Smith, Suzanne E.  To Serve the Living: Funeral Directors and the African American Way of Death

Stronski, Paul Tashkent: Forging a Soviet City, 1930-1966

Sundquist, Josh Just Don't Fall Down

Swenson, Kristin Bible Babel: Making Sense of the Most Talked about Book of All Time

Theroux, Phyllis  The Journal Keeper: A Memoir

Tillson Jr., Albert Accommodating Revolutions: Virginia’s Northern Neck in an Era of Transformations

Trigiani, Adriana Don't Sing at the Table: Life Lessons from my Grandmothers

Turner, Jeffrey A.  Sitting In and Speaking Out:  Student Movements in America 1960–1970

Tweedy, Katie Chenery and Ladin, Leanne Meadows.   Secretariat's Meadow

Unger, Harlow Giles Lion of Liberty: Patrick Henry and the Call to a New Nation

Valeri, Mark Heavenly Merchandize: How Religion Shaped Commerce in Puritan America

Vuic, Kara Dixon  Officer, Nurse, Woman: The Army Nurse Corps in the Vietnam War

Walsh, Lorena S. Motives of Honor, Pleasure, and Profit: Plantation Management in the Colonial Chesapeake, 1607-1763

Watman, Max Chasing the White Dog: An Amateur Outlaw's Adventuresin Moonshine

Williams, Robin Traywick   Bush Hogs and Other Swine

Wittenberg, Eric J. The Battle of Brandy Station: North America's Largest Cavalry Battle

Yarsinske, Amy Waters  Flyboys over Hampton Roads: Glenn Curtiss's Southern Experiment


Aragon, Francisco Glow of Our Sweat

Beasley, Sandra I Was the Jukebox:  Poems

Bernier, Cliff Earth Suite

Black, David The Clown in the Tent

Chitwood, Michael Poor-Mouth Jubilee

Cone, Temple   The Broken Meadow

Coudriet, Daniel Say Sand

Daniels, Kate   A Walk in Victoria's Secret

Duff, Valerie To the New World

Durrant, Rita Dancing to the Marigold Mazurka: A Collection of Poems

Eps, W. Perry   Nothing Happened

Gallo, Louis The Truth Changes

Graber, Kathleen   The Eternal City: Poems

Graham, Loren The Ring Scar

Henry, Brian   Wings Without Birds

Hicok, Bob Words for Empty and Words for Full

Meitner, Erika Ideal Cities

Mockler, Susan Bucci Noisy Souls

Moeckel, Thorpe   Venison: a poem

Murawski, Elisabeth A. Zorba's Daughter

Rhodes, Suzanne U.  A Welcome Shore

Singleton, Sharron A Thin Thread of Water

Wheeler, Lesley   Heterotopia

Woodcock, Diana   In the Shade of the Sidra Tree

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