Traveling Exhibition

The Strong Men & Women in Virginia History exhibition might be coming to your area. Below is the exhibition schedule for 2016. For more information, please contact Barbara C. Batson, Exhibitions Coordinator, at or 804-692-3518

2/1/2016–2/27/2016          Library of Virginia/Dominion
2/1/2016–3/12/2016          Halifax County/South Boston Regional Library
2/29/2016–4/9/2016          Roanoke Public Library
3/14/2016–4/23/2016        Waynesboro Public Library
4/11/2016–5/21/2016        Alexandria Public Library (Burke Branch)
4/25/2016–6/4/2016          Mecklenburg County Public Library (Boydton)
6/23/2016–7/2/2016          Portsmouth Public Library (Churchland Branch)
6/6/2016–7/16/2016          Hampton Public Library
7/5/2016–8/13/2016          Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society
7/18/2016–8/27/2016        Fairfax Museum and Visitor Center
8/15/2016–9/24/2016        Eastern Shore Public Library
8/29/2016–10/8/2016        Broadway High School (Rockingham County)
9/26/2016–11/5/2016        Northumberland County High School
10/10/2016–11/19/2016    Suffolk Public Library
11/7/2016–12/17/2016      Augusta County Library (Fishersville)