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The Library of Virginia and the Dictionary of Virginia Biography Celebrate Black History Month

Classroom Activities

Here are some ideas for incorporating the 2007 Notable African Americans in Virginia History into your classroom:

Sources – Give your students the sources related to the honorees before you introduce the 2007 Notable African Americans in Virginia History to your class. Find out what they can learn from the sources and let them play historian by forming their own conclusions.

  1. Read – Try to cover two honorees a week for the four weeks of February. Read the biographies to your students or have them take turns reading aloud.
  2. Windowpanes – To keep track of what your students are learning, have them create a windowpane to organize their information. It is a great way to encourage both efficient note taking and creativity. You can learn how here. (pdf)
  3. Analyze – Want to know more? Have your students analyze the sources from or about the honorees’ lives. Use the source analysis method (pdf) described here to teach your students how to look for critical information.
  4. Quiz – Give your students this brief quiz (pdf) at the end of the month to see what they remember about these great Virginians.
  5. Research – For extension activities, have your students research more about these individuals. You can start with the printed version of the Dictionary of Virginia Biography (note: Volumes 1–3 cover surnames A to Daniels).
  6. Research – To find out about other noteworthy African Americans from Virginia, check the online index of the Dictionary of Virginia Biography, (note: Volumes 1–3 cover surnames A to Daniels).