The Library of Virginia

Online Activities for Virginia Women in History 2007

Looking for more ways to bring the 2007 Virginia Women in History into your classroom? Try these activities:

  1. Timeline: Use this timeline to place the 2007 honorees in context with important Virginia events.
  2. Virginia Women in History Book: Use the template to create a book in which students can illustrate the lives of the 2007 honorees and take notes about their accomplishments. Your students will also have space to write about their nominees for the 2008 poster, or to honor an important woman in their own lives.
  3. Venn Diagrams: Although the 2007 nominees represent a wide range of regions, time periods, and accomplishments, they have many similarities. Of the 2007 nominees, both Carter and Williams are singers, both Copenhaver and Johnson are entrepreneurs, both Opossunoquonuske and Futrell are leaders, and both Galt and Byrd fought to protect property. Use these Venn diagrams to compare and contrast their lives.
  4. Symbols and Substance: Ask your students to think of a simple shape that could represent the accomplishments of one of the honorees. For example Camilla Ella Williams might bring to mind a music note and Mary Willing Byrd a house. After they draw the shape on blank paper, have them write adjectives to describe the 2007 honorees along the outline. Encourage the use of a thesaurus to increase vocabulary. When you are done, have students draw a shape for themselves and describe their attributes.