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Using the Primary Resources associated with the Virginia Women in History Program
The Library of Virginia hopes that the Virginia Women in History project can be a part of your classroom curriculum. Each honoree’s page features a concise biography along with primary source documents and images related to each of them. These tools can be used to assist your students in sharpening their analytical skills as they learn about and interpret the lives and contributions of each honoree.

Lesson Suggestions
We have developed resources to assist educators to bring our Virginia Women in History honorees to life for you students. Each lesson is corrolated to the Virginia Standards of Learning and includes a list of activities and discussion that are drawn from the primary resources provided within these web pages.

Lesson Suggestions – Virginia Randolph
Lesson Suggestions – Pauline Adams

Richmond Times-Dispatch "Newspapers-in-Education" Resource:
To honor Women’s History Month in March, the Richmond Times–Dispatch and the Library of Virginia are partnering on a new women’s history series. The nine installments in the series will run Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during the first three weeks in March. For more information, call (804) 649-6901 or visit the Richmond Times–Dispatch web site.